4 Years On: Flume in Review

Harley Edward Streten, more commonly known by his stage name, Flume has been one of the prominent leaders of the Australian electronic music scene for a number of years now. Today is a special day for Streten, as it marks four years since the release of his 2012 debut album which included stereo bangers like ‘Sleepless’, ‘Holdin On’ and ‘Left-Alone’ to name a few. The 2012 album also peaked No 1 on the ARIA charts and reached double-platinum accreditation in Australia.

Photo: Spotify
In celebration, I chose to listen to the album in full again to recapture its essence and vibe, so four years on here’s my review of some of the songs featured on the album….

As I pressed play Sintra’ set the scene with it’s tribal nature and variety of distorted vocals alongside a catchy synth, this pretty much sets the scene for what to expect in the album.

The RnB vibes of Holdin On’ just screams hit song, so you can see why it became a popular hit on the radio in particular. The rather funky old, soulful male vocal combined with gospel echoes creates this somewhat modern day church vibe, similar to the American gospel churches you see where everyone sings and dances. The video for Holdin On featured on Flume’s Youtube page portrays the essence of the song which epitomises the meaning of the song that being the importance of Harley’s relationship with his fans.

From the upbeat vibes of Holdin On smoothly transitions to the laidback, achy and somewhat spooky vocals of Nick Murphy aka. Chet Faker in ‘Left Alone’. You can tell this song is perfectly designed for Murphy’s rather unique and rustic vocals, you would almost think it was one of his own songs. The desperation and frustration to be left alone are penetrated strongly in Murphy’s vocals in combination with Flume’s strong yet subtle rhythm and beat throughout the songs entirety.

As Faker’s vocals fade away, then your at peace with Jezzabel Doran’s soft vocals entering your soul fused with the thrumming rhythm in the background rendering you Sleepless’ to the subtle yet catchy rhythm and Doran’s soft vocals. This is probably one of my favourite songs from the album and still is to this day.

Repetitive claps and simulated siren wails then enter your ears screaming RnB, ‘On Top’ combined with lyrics and rap curated by New York MC T.Shirt this song is catchy and urges you to get up and vibe. T.Shirt echoing ‘the nights forever young, its us that gets old’ really builds the song to a whole other level.

Stay Close’ speaks through its repetitive warped vocals which really sets the scene for the vibe of the song. The repetitive vocals almost persuade you to stay wherever you are and keep listening to the song.

Moon Holiday’s majestic and dreamy vocals featured in ‘Insane’ are craftly warped by Harley alongside his throbbing builds and drops to create an effortless spiral of melodic insanity making you feel as if you are floating in endless space, creating a dizzying affect.

George Maple graces the album in ‘Bring You Down’ which features her powerful yet soft vocals creating a haunting effect to the ear. But as Maple echoes ‘don’t let it bring you down’ somewhat puts your mind at ease alongside the rather slow and sad backing tempo.

‘Sintra’ is the final song and its woozy, steady drum beat merged with dreamy, distorted vocals,this song is perfect before bed and likewise to close the show, that is the album.

If you haven’t purchased it yet, Flume’s 2012 album is available on Itunes.

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