MOGLII & NOVAA: Breaking new ground with ‘Down Under’ EP

Photo: Twitter

It’s not often you will hear a sound as unique as talented German music duo, Moglii and Novaa. Released just this year, ‘Down Under’ is the pair’s latest EP album which encapsulates their shared love for “natural landscapes and higher thinking.”

For those who don’t know, Moglii is a producer and singer who primarily focuses on producing organic electronic and future pop sounds. His rather contemporary production style features a mixture of warm beats, analogue synthesisers and alternative DIY samples. At the ripe age of 19 singer and songwriter Novaa is one to watch, definitely making her mark on the album and the music scene, particularly in Germany and Europe, she is already being compared to Bjork and Grimes.

‘Mother’ is one of the songs curated by the duo featured on the album. Notably, this song has been carefully crafted making it unique in the sense that it perfectly combines disjointed yet smooth and serene vocals by Novaa contrasted to a deep bass throbbing in the background. As the song progresses, the building tempo of the deep bass hums under the prominence of Novaa’s dreamy vocals which builds alongside the tempo towards the end of the song, concluding the song in an energetic yet calming way.

‘Down Under’ is another one of my personal favourites from the EP. Opening with a range of DIY samples and intercepting distorted vocals creates a somewhat organic and contemporary jungle of alternative sounds. Novaa and Moglii open the song beautifully, as the song progresses Novaa’s echoey and ghostly vocals are warped alongside a deep synth maintained by a steady tempo which continues throughout the song, delighting the senses.

For those interested, the ‘Down Under’ EP is available for purchase on Itunes.

Photo: Soundcloud

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