FLUME Perth show: electrifying and epic

Let me be honest with you, Flume was pretty epic.

Ever since ‘Sleepless’ was released in 2012, Flume (Harley Streten) has been one of my favourite music artists. To be honest with you it took me four years to see him live in the flesh last Friday, but the wait was worth it.

Despite the overbearingly warm weather (classic Perth) thousands flocked to Perth Arena to see Flume in action. Upon entering the arena, the mosh was pretty full and seats gradually filled up as time ticked up to 9.15pm.

Vince Staples brought life to the crowd as support act, his energy and presence on stage was impeccable as he bounced from side to side of the stage.


A few sound tests later and warm up music, you could begin to subtly hear the start of ‘Helix’ as the lights began to transition to a bold shade of blue.

The build up for ‘Helix’, which honestly felt like the longest but best build-up was accompanied by an epic light show creating an unreal atmosphere.

Then as soon as the bass dropped, the curtain dropped to reveal the one and only Flume!!

After being rather blown away by the opening to get the crowd groovin, Streten immediately transitioned into some old favourites ‘Holdin On’, ‘Insane’ and ‘On Top’ to name a few. Unfortunately, Streten didn’t perform my personal favourite, ‘Sleepless’.

However, the night predominantly focused on the ‘Skin’ EP with special guest, Kučka joining the stage to perform ‘Numb & Getting Colder’. Her angel-like vocals sounded spot on to the original.

‘Smoke & Retribution’ saw Vince Staples join Streten and Kučka, despite a minor mic malfunction when Vince began his first verse, once fixed all was good and the performance was energetic and the live vocals of both Staples and Kučka were faultless.

Crowd favourites ‘Say It’ and ‘Never Be Like You’ both had the crowd singing along loudly, notably the lighting and stagecraft for ‘Never Be Like You’ was truly magical and in my opinion, probably the best lighting  and stage design of the night.

Also, we were in for a treat as Flume dropped one of his newest hits, ‘Trust’, early from the Skin Companion EP which he released on the next day. The video of Flume performing ‘Trust’ is below:


Streten then told the crowd he was going to perform his final song and sadly I began to realise that the it was officially over once all the golden glitter confetti had fallen and settled on the floors of the arena after an electrifying and colourful performance of ‘Free’.

But it wasn’t…… the crowd began chanting “Encore” and then Flumey appeared and continued with a couple of crowd-pleasers including ‘You & Me’ (Flume edit) originally performed by Disclosure and then ‘Pika’ and ‘Tiny Cities’ followed to conclude the extravaganza.

Despite a few tiny hiccups with the mic and not performing ‘Sleepless’, Flume you were EPIC!!

Anyone who is keen on seeing this lad do his stuff live during his Aussie tour can get tickets by clicking here.



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