BANKS ‘The Altar’: In review



Photo: Soundcloud


‘The Altar’ is Jillian Banks (Banks) second studio album complete with 13 tracks mixed with soul, electronica, beats and dark pop melodies.

Released on September 30, 2016 this album in typical Banks style is edgy and dangerous but also vulnerable, showcasing Bank’s personal growth from her struggle and confrontation of depression which she faced during the creation of the album.

The journey starts with ‘Gemini Feed’ with ‘your passive aggressive’ vocals echoing and shining alongside a sharp, electrifying synths and a slow drum beat.

Taking a more darker turn, ‘Lovesick’  features a dark, rich and eery gospel like piano alongside a steady drum but dominated by Banks ghost-like melodic vocals.

‘Weaker Girl’ speaks levels alongside a edgy bass guitar and synth. This song somewhat reminisces with Banks depressive which she encountered when creating the album as she boldly sings “Imma need a bad motherf***** like me, hey, hey”. The strings at the end highlight the vulnerability but beauty of the song.

‘Mother Earth’ is my personal favourite, its simplistic acoustic blended with Banks epic and empowering vocal melodies accentuates her raw and natural vocal talent.

This song is very much as song of healing as Banks challenges the traditional societal conditioning of women as being pretty, polite and not taking up to much space rather ‘Mother Earth’s’ lyrics show how women can be nurturing but also be powerful and fierce too and not be afraid to take up space.

But for those who want a bit more of an upbeat Banks then ‘Trainwreck’ is your go to track. Featuring a heavy R&B beat fused with Banks luscious yet mysterious vocals reminisces her ‘Goddess’ days.

All in all, this album is a little more slower than her previous, it is definitely of typical Banks style lets hope an accompanying tour is in the works, particularly to Australia.

Listen to ‘The Altar’ in full here:


Check out Banks interview with Noisey:

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