What am I listening to this week: NAO

Photo: Saint Heron

Not going away on a majestic holiday this summer then no need to worry just listen to Nao’s latest debut album ‘For All We Know‘ and you will be in paradise without the huge price tag.

Her Sound

Neo Jessica Joshua (aka. Nao) is a British singer-songwriter and record producer from East London. Her music is a mix of soul, electronic, funk and R&B but is better summed up as ‘wonky funk’ as described on her Facebook page.

Her Background

Nao studied  vocal jazz in London and in October 2014 she released her first EP ‘So Good’ which received positive attention. With ‘So Good‘ reaching No 4 on the ITunes electronic chart and making the  BBC Radio 1 and BBC 1Xtra national playlists in U.K.

In June 2014 she was lucky enough to play at the popular Glastonbury festival.

She was also a featured vocalist and writer on UK duo Disclosure’s album ‘Caracal‘ on the track ‘Superego’.

Where is she now

This year Nao released her debut album ‘For All We Know‘ which was released on July 29.

‘For All We Know‘ features 15 tracks full of summer, retro vibes fused with Nao’s sweet, smooth and trancy vocals.

‘Get To Know Ya‘, the second track on the album definitely starts the album on the right path. The track was produced by Jungle and combines heavy, funky guitars with Nao’s distinctive vocals.

Ironically, if you seriously need an uplifting song make sure you press play on the track ‘Happy‘. With its warpy bass and synth guitars this song WILL put you in a good mood guaranteed.

‘Adore You‘ mixes Nao’s calming vocals balanced to a rather confronting, intense bass and bold claps in the background creating an intoxicating sound that has a sort of 80’s dance music type feel.

‘Blue Wine’ is one of the more calm and slower tracks from the album despite there being a lot going on within the song and its instrumentals, it is remarkably peaceful. This is definitely a track you would play when your winding down after a long day, so light a few candles and zone out.

All I can say is this girl is on the way up and hopefully will make the cut on the Triple J Hottest 100.

Take a Listen to ‘All We Know‘ right here:


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