Who am I listening to this week: Little Simz

Photo: afripopmag.com

Expect to hear more of British rapper, singer and actress Little Simz with her own record label and recent release of her second album ‘Stillness in Wonderland’ she is already getting worldwide praise and attention.

At just 22, Simbi Ajikawo (known by her stage name, Little Simz) has already attracted the ears and eyes of Kendrick Lamar and Jay Z following her debut album ‘A Curious Tale of Trials + Persons’.

Bringing her own style and flare both lyrically and through production, as well as releasing all her music through her very own record label AGE: 101 Music, she is definitely one to watch this year.

Released only last year ‘Stillness in Wonderland’ is Simz second sophomore album, complete with 15 tracks of enlivening electric guitars and smooth beats and even a short visual film, overall Simz has created a sensual masterpiece.

Ultimately, this is an album focused on self-growth as depicted in the lyrical magic of ‘Cheshire’s Interlude: Welcome to Wonderland’ where a deep voice speaks to Simz telling her to ‘always follow the white rabbit’. The deep voice could be a symbol for that higher, universe being whom is telling Simz to follow her intuition and heart.

Here are some of my favourite’s from the album:

‘Doorways + Trust Issues’ definitely sets the scene well for the album, with the smooth production by Astronote and the eventual trumpet which kicks in and takes the song to the next level. In the second half of the song, that is ‘Trust Issues’ Simz lyrics are inspiring and worth listening to as they breath confidence accompanied with a bold drum and electric guitar.

‘Shotgun’ is probably my favourite from the album featuring Syd Internet from The Internet band, the track just makes you want to groove as it is definitely one of the more faster-paced tracks and even has a little bit of The Internet feel to it.

‘Zone 3’  is the definition of cool. Featuring Tilla, Josh Arce and Chuck20 accompanied with creative production from Astronote, the fresh and uplifting chorus vocals generates vibrancy alongside the smart lyrical rap of Simz and the featured artists.

‘No More Wonderland’ concludes the spiralling wonderland Simz has led her listeners through the album with a slow piano and strings and then the trumpets chime in halfway through awakening listeners to reality as Simz finally says, ‘my people need me, I’m out’.

Get ready, Little Simz will be heading to Australia this month, the following dates are below and tickets can be purchased here.

January 17 – Jack Rabbit Slims, Perth

January 18 – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

January 19 – The Flying Cock, QLD

Take a listen to ‘Stillness in Wonderland’ in full here:



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