Fremantle Falls Festival successful debut

Photo: falls festival

Falls Festival has made its mark on Fremantle after its successful debut on the weekend despite the chaotic stampede in Lorne and the sudden drop of Childish Gambino and Mo from the lineup.

The Falls crew definitely made this festival one to remember for all the right reasons, from the moment I walked through the gate the magic of Falls hit straight away..

First lets talk about the venue, Fremantle, the hub of all things art and culture which has played a successful host to the well-known Laneway Festival, having attended Laneway in 2015 I have to admit Freo is probably one of the best places if not the best place for a festival in Perth.

The festival itself primarily consisted of two main stages, the Downtown Stage and the Alley Stage. Downtown was situated fittingly between St John’s Anglican Church and the old Myer building, whilst Alley tightly held crowds beside the Federal Hotel which made for a great party atmosphere as crowds piled and danced away down the alleyway.

There was plenty going on with creative decor decked out for festival goers to admire and not to forget the epic lights draped on the tree near the Downtown stage which made for a magical picture perfect moment.

Photo: falls festival

On Saturday, the day began with a bang as AlunaGeorge’s vibrant, eclectic and fun beat got everyone grooving, singing and vibin’ along.

Grandmaster Flash shortly followed and kept the crowd buzzing with his clever remixed samples and even had the crowd singing along to some classics.

Then moving to the Downtown stage, crowd-favourite Golden Features had a mystical yet noteworthy stage design with the natural sunlight shining through the stage accompanied with his energetic yet somewhat chill and idiosyncratic style had audiences in another world.

Homegrown artist, Ta-Ku followed but took things at a much slower, chilled pace and was joined by the breathtaking vocals of Wafia who brought the crowd to a stand-still. Although the slower-paced Ta-Ku was a hit and miss for some, personally I thought the delicate nature and meaningful vocals alongside the Fremantle sunset was perfection.

Winding up the first night Violent Soho electrified crowds at the Downtown stage whilst Hot Dub Time Machine had crowds singing and dancing along through a timeline of hits, complete with a crowd photo at the end to capture the night.

Arriving on Sunday the pace was much slower after the intensity of the previous day.

In my opinion, the Sunday stand-outs were definitely the soulful, mesmerising vocals and instrumentals of Matt Corby (my god, that guy can sing!!!) and the throwback and colourful vibes of The Avalanches which made you feel as if you were at some lit disco back in the 70’s.

Overall, this festival was jam-packed, although personally I think the venue was a little small for the large turnout crowd as it often felt as if you were on top of each other, Falls Downtown you were a weekend I will never forget.




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