The XX new album ‘I See You’ : REVIEW



‘I See You’ is the latest debut album released just last week by English band, The xx. With a more upbeat nature combining the beat of Jamie Smith (Jamie xx) accompanied by vocals from Oliver Sim and Romy Madley Croft, I think it’s fair to say The xx have found their feet.

Complete with 10 tracks, the album feels like a new, energized version of their common  slower yet sultry tempo’s which heavily dominated their previous albums.

So I’ve picked out a couple of my personal favourites from the album, here it goes:

With a rather jovial beginning, ‘Dangerous’ bellows in with some awakening trumpets almost highlighting the new era we are embarking on which then continues onto a rather up-tempo drum and deep guitar strum. Croft and Sims vocals although not wide-ranging, harmonise magically.

Rather fitting quite nicely in today’s day and age, ‘Say Something Loving’ has a somewhat radiating warmth and intimacy about it.

One of my personal favourites, ‘Lips’ begins with Croft and Sims once again making sweet yet subtly powerful harmonies, which almost sounds as if a choir is singing. Jamie’s xylophonic easy-going beat reminisces the sound of water droplets accompanied with the steady clapping in the background and Croft’s sultry vocals makes for a magical sound.

‘Replica’ is one with a whole lotta soul, the deep electric guitar perfectly matches Sim’s subtle yet laidback voice. The progression of the song however is really where the magic happens, more notably there is something about the steady drum beat and guitar with the piano synth that really builds the song to the next level.

Following on with a similar sound to ‘Replica’,  ‘Brave For You’ is where Croft’s vocal progression is really noticed. Although her vocal range is quite steady throughout the album, this song showcases her thoughtful and intelligent lyrical ability. The lyrics are vulnerable at best but also somewhat inspiring and uplifting. The clarity of the production and instrumentals makes this song sound very reminiscent of The xx’s previous albums.

Probably the dance track of the album, ‘On Hold’ definitely encapsulates the essence of the new album, as a more vibrant but laid-back sound.

See the xx’s ‘On Hold’ music video here:


Take a listen to The xx’s latest album ‘I See You’ here:


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