Kehlani’s ‘Sweet, Sexy, Savage’: REVIEW


PHOTO: theJasmineBRAND


Kehlani’s new sound encompasses everything sweet, sexy and savage.

‘Sweet, Sexy, Savage’ recreates her tough childhood from an adult perspective, reflecting on her past as a sensitive child forced to grow-up quick moulded alongside a futuristic R&B sound.

American singer, songwriter Kehlani Ashley Parrish has grown up with many ups and downs. Beginning her music career with PopLyfe on America’s Got Talent in 2011 then later dealing with managerial disputes within the group and abandoning music forcing her to sleep on the streets.

Then in 2014, Kehlani released ‘ANTISUMMERLUV‘ on Soundcloud which attracted huge attention which then lead to the release of her first mixtape ‘Cloud 9’ in 2014.

So lets delve into ‘Sweet, Sexy Savage’:

Beginning with ‘Intro’ which basically sums up the direction of the album. ‘Keep On’ is filled with alternating hand claps and finger snaps accompanied with strings and funky bass. Honestly, if there was one song on the album that perfectly encapsulates the title it would have to be this one, with a subtle yet confident flavour and uncomplicated piano at the end concludes the song peacefully.

‘Distraction’ is more bolder than the previous track but Kehlani’s sweet harmonies balance the song fittingly. ‘Piece of Mind’ is one of my personal favourites, with Kehlani’s smooth and warming vocals and transcending harmonies fused with what sounds like a harp and steady finger clicks is magical.

The lyrics in ‘Piece of Mind’ are real and raw, as Kehlani reflects on her younger life from a current perspective. Although she appears to be talking about someone else making her who she is today, personally I feel as if she is talking more about her self-struggle. Her vocals gradually build through the song suggesting personal growth and strength.

‘Undercover’ is basically a song about liking someone so much that you don’t care about what other’s think about your relationship, “They don’t wanna see it happen, but we say fuck.” Sampling Akon’s ‘Don’t Matter’ the song is melodic with sweet yet sultry instrumentals fitting the ‘undercover’ feel.

Definitely the big dance hit off the album, ‘CRZY’ screams R&B and portrays Kehlani at her strongest, “Live for the challenge, only make me stronger, One more reason to turn up on ’em.”

As the album progresses the songs become more laidback. Personally however I feel as if ‘Personal’ and ‘Not Used To It’ seem quite similar and repetitive at times.

‘Everything is Yours’ is one of my favourite slower tunes from the album. The song features a cool synth and bass with calming, sweet instrumentals fused alongside Kehlani’s dreamy vocals this is definitely one of those songs you listen to chill after a long day.

Despite all the bass, ‘Hold Me By the Heat’ is probably one of the more simple, raw and stripped down songs from the album. With progressive acoustic instrumentals, this is definitely a more vulnerable Kehlani and is simplicity at best.

‘Thank You’ is one of the songs that concludes the album fittingly with a piano and steady bass with Kehlani’s angelic harmonies as she takes the time to thank all those who have made her dreams a reality.

Overall, despite the album feeling a little repetitive towards the end there are definitely some bangers in there. This is definitely an album with a whole lotta bass and attitude but also gratitude.

Take a listen to ‘Sweet, Sexy, Savage’ below:

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