Syd’s solo album ‘Fin’ will be released this week

Photo: HypeBeast

Making her first solo move, The Internet’s lead singer and co-producer Syd is set to release her first solo album ‘Fin’ at the end of this week.

Listeners got a taste of whats to come, when Syd dropped ‘All About Me’ which features on the album and is co-produced by Steve Lacy.

The accompanying music video directed by Calmatic features appearances from Tyler the Creator is simple yet the alternating lighting compliments the mood and vibe of the song well.

Following the early release of the rather dark and imprudent ‘All About Me’ contrasts with the sensual and sexy nature of ‘Body’ which was also dropped just last week and will feature on the upcoming album.

‘Fin’ is fitted out with a total of 12 tracks, our predictions for the sound of the album is one that is unique to Syd but will most likely still have those classic ‘Internet’ undertones.

The track listing is as follows:

01) Shake ‘Em Off

02) Know

03) Nothin to Somethin

04) No Complaints

05) All About Me

06) Smile More

07) Got Her Own

08) Drown in it

09) Body

10) Dollar Bills

11) Over

12) Insecurities

Known for her alternative R&B, neo-soul sound, Syd began making music at a young age whilst she was still living with her parents, decking out a small music studio in her room at the ripe age of 14.

Now, whether or not this solo album marks the end of the Internet, Syd has confirmed that the solo-album is just “an in-between thing” and “not that deep”.

But not to fear the Internet fans, following ‘Fin’s’ release The Internet will hit the road in the US with tour dates in New York, Philadelphia and California.

Syd’s solo album‘Fin’ is out February 3rd.

Get an insight into Syd and the Internet’s production process for ‘Smile More’ here:




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