Big Sean’s ‘I Decided’: A Short Review

Photo: CapitalXTRA

Released this month, Big Sean’s fourth studio album ‘I Decided’ has the inspiring, relevant lyrics the world has been waiting to hear.

Since the release of ‘Dark Sky Paradise’ in 2013, Big Sean has proven his place not just as a rapper but one that can change the game both through music production and lyrically.

With the bold and upbeat production fulfilled in his 2013 album ‘Dark Sky Paradise’ emboldened in ‘I Don’t F*** With You’ featuring E-40 and ‘Blessings’ featuring Drake, it was evident that this album was focused very much on creating a classic hit.

Personally, I feel that ‘I Decided’ is more focused on conveying a message to listeners rather than creating an egotistic, chart-topper beat, in this album particularly Big Sean’s lyrics are quite fitting with the current societal issues and tribulations.

One of the more positive, well-needed songs for the world is ‘Light’ featuring Jeremih is a song with noteworthy lyrics reminding the listener, “No matter how much they gon’ shade you, they can’t stop the shine”.

But…. thats not to say ‘I Decided’ doesn’t have some up-tempo and energetic beats that just make you want to turn it up a notch, just listen to ‘Moves’, ‘Bounce Back’ and Eminem’s energetic verse in ‘No Favors’.

WATCH Big Sean perform ‘Bounce Back’ live on SNL:

Unless you have been living under a rock its obvious that Jhene Aiko and Big Sean are a ‘thing’, proven with their Twenty88 collaboration which makes a pleasant but short-lived appearance in the featured track ‘Same Time Pt. 1’.

So what are we suppose to take away from this album?

Essentially, the main concept of the album is centred around rebirth and about how your life is determined by the decisions you make.

“I feel like life is all about the decisions you make. This is what I decided. Thats why I put a period on the end of it – because this is definitive”, Big Sean said.

The simple yet innovative album cover is focused around self-reflection, as Big Sean revealed that both men on the cover were him, on the left is a present version and the right, an older version.

WATCH Big Sean on the Jimmy Fallon Show discuss his album cover below:


If you haven’t already, take a listen to Big Sean’s ‘I Decided’ below:

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