Our take on M.I.A’s ‘P.O.W.A’ music video

Photo: Vibe

‘Bold’ is an understatement to describe M.I.A’s latest music video for ‘P.O.W.A’ from her rumoured recently released final album ‘AIM’.

As most of us know, M.I.A is known for her rather out of the ordinary sound, meaningful lyrics and alternative visuals but her self-directed ‘P.O.W.A’ music video may just be the epitome of M.I.A’s musical flavour.

Opening with M.I.A lying in a truck full of a visually-pleasing  mix of bright, yellow and pink flowers.

The video progresses with M.I.A wearing a long, orange veil which almost looks like a traditional Indian sari (hinting at her heritage), the veil flies like a flame as M.I.A stands on a rocky mountain top.

The flame-like veil is truly effective and I feel represents how even though ‘AIM’ may be M.I.A’s final album her artistic legacy and lyrics will still live on like a flame as portrayed through her veil flying in the wind like a flame.

The video is then brought to life with a row of talented dancers dressed in orange, black and white complete with bucket hats.

The dancers move almost like a caterpillar as they effectively weave through various mind-blowing moves as M.I.A sings her bold lyrics rhyming Osama with Obama and claiming she isn’t like Rihanna or Madonna.

In my opinion, M.I.A’s lyrical boldness in this song and the potential effect they have on society is mirrored through the dancers who bring the volume of M.I.A’s powerful lyrics to life through movement.

Confirming her stance against being a commercialised pop-icon when she firmly sings, “I’m not Rihanna/ I’m not Madonna/ I’m not Mariah, or Ariana”.

Despite their being rumours that this was a ‘diss-track’, M.I.A took to Twitter denying that she was dissing the women, see below:

@Rihanna @Madonna @MariahCarey @ArianaGrande This is not a dis , its just not an “alternative fact” . Difference is good🌹❤️👩🏾🌏 #MIAPOWA
— M.I.A P.O.W.A (@MIAuniverse) February 9, 2017

Upon observing the ‘P.O.W.A’ video, it is very much similar to her previous video for ‘Go Off‘ which also features on her ‘AIM’ album.

The dominance she directs on the harmony of the natural landscape with her unique, boundary-less sound, rather than a following the typical egotistic music video that primarily focuses on the artist and their lifestyle.

Although at times I often feel confused when listening to her music due to to her sound being so alternative and offbeat, I feel that her video’s create sense to the confusion.

WATCH ‘P.O.W.A’ below:

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