Asta’s new ‘Shine’ EP: a bundle of happiness

Photo: Daily Telegraph

It’s the ultimate bundle of happiness, fuelled with enlivening electric guitars and bold synths Asta’s ‘Shine’ EP is probably the most feel good album she has released yet.

Created alongside Melbourne songwriter and producer Yeo in his backyard shed, the album is a product her renewed vision,

“Its about coming out of darkness, getting into a good headspace and believing in yourself”, Asta said.

Featuring a short and sweet five feel-good tracks this album is one that makes you instantly want to get out of your chair and groove.

Here is our track by track review:

01. ‘Doin’ What You Want’

The definition of empowering. This song is primarily a celebration of being able to do what you love with a colourful mix of synths and electric guitar which is prominently heard throughout the album’s entirety and fits well against Asta’s sharp yet feminine vocals.

02. ‘Saturday Night’

Lyrically this is not what you expect to here in a song titled ‘Saturday Night’ as Asta sings how she doesn’t like Saturday Night’s, “dont like it, can’t hide it”.

Despite sounding a bit like a party-pooper, the song has a contagious groovy sound complete with a short bursting synth, claps and that comforting electric guitar fitting nicely in the verses making you want to bust a move on the dancefloor.

03. ‘Shine’

Probably the happiest song on the album with its gospel vibes. The pronounced piano, percussion and steady claps alongside Asta’s soulful feminine vocals which pleasantly build at each sentence of each verse.

The prominence of the electric guitar in the album really stands out in this song as it should, whilst Asta sings emphatically “we are lovers from another place, and you can’t take our stars away”.

04. ‘Not Your Girl’

No album is complete without a heartbreak love song and this is it. Definitely a more delicate song from the album with a chiming electric keyboard effect, balanced percussion making Asta’s vocals shine. The song progresses nicely with a warpy synth value adding, giving some body and richness to the song.

05. ‘Art of Escape’

Very relatable and emancipating, essentially is a song about letting go of the things that hold you back. Asta’s echoey vocals complete with an electric guitar awakening you to an enlivening chorus like sun has come up.

Get ready, Asta will also be touring around Australia on her first headline tour in celebration of the release of ‘Skin’ ,

“I haven’t done many tours of my own, I’m excited to be there as the headline act, and to perform for my own fans” she said.

You can purchase tickets to the tour here.

The ‘Shine’ EP is now available for purchase on ITunes and you can listen to her single ‘Shine’  below:

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