Review on Flume’s high-powered ‘Skin Companion EP II’

Photo: Stoney Roads


Flume’s ‘Skin Companion EP II’ will give you that powerful music hit you need as he pairs up with the likes of Pusha T, Moses Sumney and Glass Animals frontman Dave Bayley.

With only four tracks this album is the epitome of sensual overload, the tracks are feisty, bold and confident juxtaposed against the atmospheric and ambient soundscape we previously heard in Harley Streten’s (aka. Flume) ‘Skin’ EP and first companion album.

‘Enough’ featuring Pusha T sets the scene in an almost vigorous and commanding way. With the resonating atmospheric chimes and bells, dark yet eery bassline accompanied with the ego-fuelled Pusha T lyrics this song is like a bolt of electricity through your ears.

Pusha’s vocals are made for this intense soundscape which have really added the fire to the petrol that is Streten’s soundscape.

A softened yet similar sound follows with ‘Weekend’ featuring Moses Sumney, accompanied by a more upbeat and chilled vibe alongside beautiful atmospheric string acoustics and subtle trumpets which both intertwine nicely.

Then approximately halfway through the track the sweet, calming vocals of Moses chime in bringing clarity and easing your mind.

Notably, the bassline at the start of ‘Weekend’ also reminds me a little of the sounds articulated at the start of ‘Helix’ and ‘Numb and Getting Colder’ in the previous ‘Skin’ EP.

‘Depth Charge’ is the perfect title to describe the motion of the third track. Beginning with a simple snare and drum which immediately transforms into a progressive, pounding bassline and synth creating a futuristic soundscape.

The track sounds so natural yet mechanical in a sense and is very ‘Flume’, I feel as if there are some familiar undertones of his previous track ‘Heater’ featured in the track too.

‘Fantastic’ is the final track on the album complete with its crackling repetitive warped flute, rhythmic claps, percussive soundscape and underlying synths warping the sound in a woozy yet connected manner.

Dave Bayley’s vocals instantly give the song that Glass Animals feel which brighten the song somewhat against the rather deep and dark soundscape Streten has created.


You can purchase the ‘Skin Companion EP II’ on Itunes here. 

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