Dope Lemon’s ‘Honey Bones’ album: Freshly Squeezed Goodness

Photo: EMI Music

Going on a road trip to the beach well Dope Lemon’s latest debut album ‘Honey Bones’ may be the perfect soundtrack to play whilst you roll down that coastline.

For those who don’t know, Dope Lemon is Angus Stone’s new musical project comprising of a couple of his mates, Rohin Brown (singer of The Walking Who) and Elliot Hammond (The Delta Riggs) on keys.

Three years in the making, the album was produced on Stone’s farm and Byron Bay which can be felt within the album and its nostagic sound of those long summer days and rustic seaside vibes in each track.

Full of freshly squeezed goodness the album takes you on a relaxed, psychadelic journey with youthful yet experimental guitar effects and fun layering.

‘Marinade’ really sets the scene of the album although often monotonous, it’s trippy guitar yet chilled throwback 70’s vibe instantly puts in a good mood. The track is similar to ‘Honey Bones’ which also has an instant psychadelic feel with its expanded bass and repetitive percussion and guitar.

Probably one of the more faster tempo tracks is ‘Uptown Folks’ emboldened with a vivid, punchy drum beat is not entirely a headbanger but is definitely a groove. ‘Stonecutters’ is also another upbeat and bold track with its awakening banjo, dreamy drum beat and unpretentious rolling bassline shakes you back into reality.

With its notable Angus and Julia Stone undertones,  ‘F*** Things Up’ instrumental is like water trickling down a stream with its simple yet delicate acoustic and steady claps alongside Angus’ woozy vocals instantly sends you into a trance. Overall, this is a beautiful song in contrast to its rather abrupt title.

Definitely one of the broody tracks on the album, the creativeness of the heavy, eery electric guitar in ‘How Many Times’ which sounds almost like a synthesiser alongside repetitive syncopated beats is noteworthy.

After listening to this album Angus’ guitar skills resonate with me warmly however I feel as if this is an album you need to listen to in the right place with the right mood, such as by the ocean as the sun is going down.

Watch Dope Lemon’s ‘Marinade’ and ‘Honey Bones’ videos below:

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