Mookhi’s new debut album ‘Lost & Found’: REVIEW

Photo: Rolling Stone Australia

Featuring on Triple J’s Unearthed and building beats from her bedroom studio at just 22, Mookhi is definitely Aussie producer, musician and vocalist to watch.

Her debut album ‘Lost & Found’ released just last week features a fusion of down-tempo electronica, hip-hop and indie sounds perfect for that Sunday arvo chill.

With a sound similar to running water, ‘Foul Play’ starts the album appropriately with Sydney musician and vocalist, Billy Fox singing fittingly over Mookhi’s soundscape and steady drumbeat. Personally the occasional purposeful pauses throughout the song surprisingly doesn’t feel awkward or disjointed in a way.

With its euphoric bright, chirpy ‘Lacunae’ is like the sun peering through your windowsill. Something feels very organic about this track which I feel is thanks to the subtle thudding hammer-like sound in the background and the warming background chatter chiming in midway through.

‘More Tea’ is the third track on the album and has that instantaneous freshening cleansing feeling similar to sipping a cup of healthy green tea. Only just over a minute long it hits all the right spots with the deep chimes and slow drum beat bringing its complexity cohesively together.

When I first listened to ‘So Sushi’ I feel as if Mookhi has used the sound effects in Ninja Fruit as samples for the track. Opening in a rather calming fashion with what sounds like a pan-flute with an atmospheric, emboldening bassline hits you and instantly takes the track to the next level.

‘Call It’ finishes the album magically with the backing chimes sounding almost like fairy dust (is that even a thing, lol). What I really like about this track is how we get to hear the beauty of Mookhi’s vocals. The effective vocal looping creating the soul-lifting harmonies makes for a very experimental yet dramatic soundscape.

With only a few songs featured each one is perfectly crafted with detail in the nooks and crannies of each song giving listeners the sensual experience their ears have needed.

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