Lorde’s new music may drop in the coming days

Photo: Rolling Stone

Captured in a brief yet perplexing TV ad Lorde may have released the release date for her new album which is suggested to drop this week or even next at the latest.

The ad premiered across various New Zealand channels at 7.15pm last Sunday and featured the Kiwi musician in the rear of a car eating and sipping from a cup.

However the ad finished with a simple message, “2. 3. 17 NYC ” and “3. 3. 17 NZ” which is suggestive for the possible release date for her new album or a single from the album.

Even her Twitter changed which now reads “I hope the next is joyful and I hope never to return”.

Republic Records reportedly played her new tunes at a private hearing with a few insiders a couple of weeks ago.

Entertainment website Just Jared tweeted the new music was “top notch” and “uniquely Lorde” but then later deleted the comment.

Lorde has been out of the spotlight for quite a while and it has definitely been quite a wait for her fans since her last album ‘Pure Heroine’ released way back in 2013.

Coming out of hiding she is expected to make appearances at Coachella and the New Orleans Jazz and Festivals starting in the next couple of weeks and she will also be making a debut appearance on SNL (March 11).

All in all we can’t wait to hear what Lorde has in store in the next coming days.

Check out the ad below:

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