Lorde’s new ‘Green Light’ video: hypnotic and bold

Photo: Pitchfork

Unless you have been living under rock Lorde just recently dropped the hypnotic music video for her lead single ‘Green Light’ off her forthcoming sophomore album ‘Melodrama’.

The video follows Lorde, dressed in a tight electric pink mesh dress dancing her way through the streets at night totally lost in the music and herself.

‘Green Light’ music video director, Grant Singer told Pitchfork how Lorde completely let go of all her inhibitions when filming.

Singer said Lorde improvised quite a bit, including the moment when she takes a payphone off the hook for no reason, which he wasn’t even able to see until the film was developed. “To me, those are magic moments in a video, and to cut out of that would be criminal,” he said.

“I love that whole moment. It’s all her. If you notice, it’s synchronized with the beat in the song.”

Lorde tweeted about her favourite part of the video as the bit when the cab driver is seen vaping off at the side whilst she completely loses herself dancing on top of the cab.



So your probably asking what is this song exactly about, Lorde told Apple Music, “This song is actually about a heartbreak”.

“The song is really about those moments kind of immediately after your life changes and about all the silly things that you gravitate towards” she said.

The ‘Melodrama’ album was co-produced alongside Jack Antonoff, ‘Green Light’ was produced in New York as Antonoff said, “Ella and I made Green Light in New York City in my apartment in a really small studio that looks like a clubhouse”.

She revealed that her new music reflects on her transition into adulthood, from when she chose to move back to New Zealand during her early fame days and recently living alone which forced her to uncover other sides of herself she never knew.

I think its fair to say Lorde already has the green light approval, now we can’t wait to see what she has in store with ‘Melodrama’.

Watch Lorde’s ‘Green Light‘ music video below


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