Frank Ocean’s new ‘Chanel’ single: a short review

frank ocean chanel
Photo: Rolling Stone

Frank Ocean is definitely making his mark this year dropping another tune titled ‘Chanel’ which premiered during the 2nd episode of his Beats 1 radio show ‘blonded radio’.

A more low-key, dreamy piece Ocean sings emphatically “I see both sides like Chanel” referring to the famous interlocked Chanel ‘C’ logo. Arguably this song and its pertinent lyrics further reinforces the label-free, gender-neutral Ocean as seen in his previous and widely acclaimed ‘Blond(e)’ album.

In true Ocean style the track is all-poetic, half-sung/half-rap featuring a lush piano, subtle yet atmospheric strings and an easing beat and percussion which at times strangely sounds similar to that of a typewriter clicking away.

Ocean begins the song by singing some pretty bold lyrics “my guy pretty like a girl” which sets the scene of the song and brings forward some elaborate societal issues in true uncomplicated Ocean style.

The single also includes a remix with Asap Rocky which is more noticeable towards the end of the song. Ocean’s and Rocky’s vocals intertwine well together and sometimes its often difficult to distinguish between the two alongside the woozy instrumental.

Just as you think the song is coming to its end, the comforting instrumental numbs and slows dramatically, making you almost feel as if you are underwater as Ocean sings “swimming laps through pool water/ Heated like I’m underworld” alongside Rocky’s stylish rap.

Listen to ‘Chanel’ below:


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