Ravyn Lenae’s ‘Midnight Moonlight’ EP Review

ravyn lenae
Photo: Saint Heron

Ravyn Lenae’s simple 6-track album ‘Midnight Moonlight’ is the ultimate soul-food and picks off where her debut EP ‘Moon Shoes’ took off just last year.

At the ripe age of 18, Lenae is already making a bold impression on the Chicago music scene and is currently in the final stages of touring with Noname for the Telefone Tour.

So here is my take on the ‘Midnight Moonlight’ track by track:

‘Genesis’ this opening track just screams passion with its spiralling lush synth giving off that instant atmospheric ‘Lenae feel’. As soon as you hear Lenae’s voice instantly it has this nourishing delicate nature about it which is fuelled by her refreshing building soprano harmonies. Her lyrics almost speak another language as she delves and reminisces of a deep love singing “I think I’ve loved you for a thousand years”.

‘Unknown’ opens and concludes with a calming harp alongside fulfilling clicks. Once again, throughout the track Lenae’s angelic vocals harmonise magically against the harp. Halfway into listening, the song transitions into this newfound vibrant music soundscape as Lenae fittingly sings “every time I close my eyes I dream about your face”. Notably, the warming synth puts you in this constant daydream as Lenae sings “I cannot move on”.

‘Spice’ is definitely flavoursome. Yep you guessed it… that harp is back but this time alongside some ‘spicy’ (pun intended) percussion and acoustic which adds this tasteful mediterranean vibe to the song. The instrumental gradually gets louder and more protusive and then Lenae’s bright yet warming vocals chime in. Overall this track is both innocent and sexy which is partly due to Lenae’s thoughtful lyrical choices, as she sings repetitively “sweet, salty, spicy/ sip me till I’m gone”.

The sound of ‘Hiatus (Waiting)’ has this very natural-feel to it. The interesting percussion clicking away and Lenae’s progressive harmonized vocals create this waterfall of sound, moreso the instrumentals sound very similar to that of rain falling in a rainforest. This rather succinct track really takes your mind away from reality.

‘Last Breath’ is probably my personal favourite. Instantly as soon as the song begins your ears are invaded with a bold head-bopping, heavy synth. The synth then abruptly dulls as a pleasant drum beat and percussion intervenes and just adds a whole other exuberance to the song. Lenae’s growing vocal talent and range is showcased in this track, her voice is poised and sharp as she ponders on the complexities of life “Are you willing to sacrifice your life”.

‘Thirst’ is the final track off the album and is probably one of the more mellow songs. With its warpy, wobbling synth alongside Lenae’s varied and never dull vocals as she sings “I’m empty, fill me up”.

Essentially I feel that although this album is short, it shows Lenae’s progression and creative growth from her ‘Moon Shoes’ days to now. Don’t sleep on this woman because I guarantee you her name will be popping up even more in years to come!!

Listen to ‘Midnight Moonlight’ below.

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