Who Am I Listening to: Jorja Smith

jorja smith
Photo: Notion Magazine

Meet Jorja Smith the rad chick who features on Drake’s new album.

Bringing her soulful flare to ‘Get It Together’ and ‘Jorja’s Interlude’ on Drake’s ‘More Life’, get use to hearing the name Jorja Smith in the years to come.

Her music is full of pop and modern soul vibes fused alongside her prominent London slang and jazzy yet sexy, confident vocals which resemble an Amy Winehouse or even Rihanna-type sound.

The 19 year old British teen who grew up from humble beginnings in the town of Walsall in the UK. Performing since she was 8 and writing songs at the ripe age of 11, Jorja was destined for music. Growing up, she would often run home after her Starbucks shift to pen more songs to paper.

Her family was full of musicians, particularly her father who was a lead singer of neo-soul group called 2nd Naicha.

She released her first debut single ‘Blue Lights’ which is a confronting track inspired by the black stereotype and got quite a favourable reception after being played on rotation on local London radio.

Focusing her songwriting on her peers rather than herself, Jorja told FADER “I don’t like to write about myself, I like listening to people”.

Other notable tracks include ‘Beautiful Little Fools’ which touch on femininity and female stereotypes alongside a classic jazzy instrumental. She wrote this song at 16 after watching The Great Gatsby and the song was primarily written to help herself with the process of growing up as a young female.

The lyrics tell of the tainted representations of what it means to be ‘beautiful’ which is drummed into young girls growing up, as Jorja sings “Becoming a beautiful little Hollywood perception”.


Check out Jorja’s tunes on Soundcloud below:



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