Methyl Ethel’s ‘Everything is Forgotten’: A Review

methel noisey

Perth band, Methyl Ethel’s latest album ‘Everything is Forgotten’ is full of gauzy atmospherics, elastic basslines and skewed glam rock.

Vocalist Jake Webb, bassist Thom Stewart and drummer Chris Wright make up Methyl Ethel and producer James Ford has even made an appearance in assisting with the production on ‘Everything is Forgotten’.

So your probably wondering how one earth the name ‘Methyl Ethel’ even came about. Strangely it evolved from Webb’s fathers work in fibre glass where he used methyl ethyl ketone peroxide. Webb later changed ‘ethyl’ to ‘ethel’ to create an identity and more personality.

‘Everything is Forgotten’ begins with the track ‘Drink Wine’ with its vibrating and zappy synth that instantly gives you that good feeling or a feeling similar to that buzz you get from drinking a couple of vino’s.

So you’ve probably heard ‘Ubu’ on the radio by now with that iconic “why’d you have to go and cut your hair” line. Webbs woozy, warped vocals create the perfect 70’s psychadelic atmosphere alongside the groovy electric guitar. Particularly what I love about Webb’s vocals not just here but throughout the whole album is how they sound feminine which is a refreshing change and breaking boundaries which is rather appropriate in this day and age.

‘Femme Maison/One Man House’ is filled with drums, warpy acoustics and strings with a simple piano which builds nicely into the chorus. Then the track transitions into ‘L’Heure de Socieres’ which has this sort of trance-like dark sound suggesting a somewhat pleasant uncertainty. Webb’s woozy vocals add to the confusion of the song as you fall deeper and deeper into the swelling sound of a deep synth and haunted piano organ.

‘Act of Contrition’ is definitely a more mellow track. With a more slower and raw acoustic guitar strumming alongside Webb’s effective vocals. Even though Webb probably doesn’t have the best melodic voice, it’s rather imperfect nature is surprisingly fitting and likeable particularly with such a simple instrumental which highlights his vocals more.

‘Ground Swell’ has this happy-go-lucky charm about it with its simple drums and chiming synth effects adding some sparks of colour into the song. This one is perfect for a laidback Sunday arvo in the backyard.

There’s something different and mysterious about ‘Hyakki Yako’. Its dark yet effective bouncy drum and Webb’s vocal harmonies fills the song with different personalities. Personally, I feel like you could just get high from listening to that bouncy drum beat for days on end.

Probably my least favourite track, I feel there is a lot going on in ‘Summer Moon’ with its very heavy and often overpowering synth alongside a slurring drum beat was complicated at times for my ear to follow.

So refreshing, ‘Weeds through the Rind’ is brimming with bright jumping acoustics and sparkling, bleeping synth effects reminding me of shooting stars. Webb’s vocals fit well against the guitar’s rhythm but the synth really stands out in this track.

‘Schlager’ is a really nice track to end the album, it’s just really easygoing, smooth and easy to follow and reminds of a nice sunset at the end of the day. The guitar in this track has this really nice, homely  sound that almost takes you instantly back to those late summer afternoons.

Buy Methyl Ethel’s ‘Everything is Forgotten’ here.

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