Daye Jack’s ‘no data’: glimpse of the future of hip hop

Photo: XXL

Daye Jack’s latest 12- track album ‘no data’ gives listeners a glimpse of the sound of the future of hip-hop.

Born in Nigeria, Daye Jack grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. He is best known for his single ‘Hands Up’ featuring Killer Mike which peaked at 14 on the Billboard Twitter Emerging Artists contest.

Daye describes himself as an experimental hip-hop artist and draws his main music influences from his family background. He has already worked alongside some big names, including the likes featuring on backing vocals for Tori Kelly and Ariana Grande.

‘no data’ is futuristic at best and features some killer rap from Donmonique, DP and Denzel Curry. In this review I have collated and reviewed some of the most noteworthy tracks in the album that you should definitely listen to, so lets get to it!!

Opening with ‘No Data’ with what appears to be a robot interviewing Daye, asking him whether he truly enjoys what he does to which Daye replies positively. This then transitions into some bright synths and high-pitch trumpets. The opening perfectly sets the scene for whats to come.

‘Deep End’ (Jayvon remix) is particularly worthy of mention for its creativity. The varying hollow yet zappy synth-layers are warped harmoniously together creating this depth to the track. Daye’s vocals are calm yet melodic, almost reminding me of the ‘coolness’ of Justin Timberlake’s vocals, strangely.

‘Supernatural Remix’ (feat Donmonique) begins with this stunning chiming keyboard effect alongside a classic synth. Just when you think this will be a mellow song it just cranks up thanks to an unapologetic, heavy bass and synth. If I were to describe Donmonique’s rap in one word it would be ‘BOLD’ and has the Azealia Banks similarity to it. However, the innocent chiming piano which occasionally chimes throughout the song adding this refreshing vibe to the song.

Probably one of my favourites from the album, ‘Finish Line’ is the ultimate groove. Surprisingly it sounds so modern yet still has this old-school vibe and makes you wanna go out and groove on a Saturday night. Honestly, I don’t think you can really get sick of the surprising electric guitar effects which dominate throughout. Daye’s rap is easy to follow and fits the beat nicely.

‘Data Love Interlude’ is probably my least favourite as the overload of synth and drums is a little overbearing at times.

The mysterious, bright synth starting ‘Lady Villian’ sets the scene of the track perfectly. Additionally, the soulful yet catchy drums and claps make for pleasant listening and although at times there appears to be a lot going on with the songs energetic vibe it still has this distinctive rhythm that makes you want to keep listening.

‘Bully Bully’ almost has this modern oriental vibe where you can almost imagine yourself  in the bright lights on the streets of Tokyo. Daye narrates his day and the complications that arise before hime and also speaks about fighting for the things he yearns and believes in, singing “bully bully fight for your life I said”.

‘Raw’ (ft DP and Denzel Curry) just has the slick street vibe that just screams ‘coolness’. The woozy electric guitars give off this beachy vibe but is far from being close to laid-back particularly when DP and Denzel’s rap verses kick in. This is the ultimate head-bopping track.

Finally, the ‘Need Some Mo Interlude’ is probably the only stripped-back instrumental. Suprisingly the track barely features a synth, rather just a simple, sweet acoustic accompanied by Daye’s vocals asking desperately for ‘more data’. Although short, I like the raw feel to this song alongside Daye’s voice.

After listening to this album, I feel as if we might hear Daye more and more in the coming years. I enjoyed how although the album was dominated quite a lot by synths he still managed to incorporate a couple of stripped-back instrumental tracks showcasing every side of himself to listeners.

Take a listen to ‘no data’ below.

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