Who am I Listening to: SAATSUMA

Photo: Beat Magazine

So your probably wondering who am I listening to this week ….. SAATSUMA.

Based in Melbourne, SAATSUMA is a project combining the talents of Memphis Kelly and Cesar Rodrigues. The duo have a style labelled as mixed elements of neo-soul, hip hop and Melbourne house music.

But if I had to sum up their sound just think of a myriad of analog synths, drums, layered vocals and live samples…. and all of a sudden a SAATSUMA song is birthed.

Their main inspirations have drawn from the likes of Little Dragon, FKA Twigs and Flying Lotus. The duo have also received support from other Australian musicians including Dorsal Fins, Thelma Plum and Vera Blue.

Not entirely new to the whole music gigging scene, SAATSUMA has performed at numerous festivals and shows including the 2016 BIGSOUND showcase, Melbourne Music Week, St Kilda Festival, The Hills Are Alive and Paradise Music Festival.

In an interview with Triple J Unearthed SAATSUMA said when writing music their aim is to create electronic music but still maintaining a sense of ‘realness’ and naturalism.

Here are the three “must-hear” tracks from SAATSUMA:

‘Isolate’ explores the destructive nature of complacency and how disengaging from the issues around us will only lead us into a downward spiral. With its mysterious, atmospheric sound combined with warm vocals adding this brightness makes this track very easy to listen to.

‘Floating’  delves into compelling themes of insomnia and falling asleep, freeing oneself from grief and anxiety.

‘Storm’ has this addictive, vibrating beat complete with resonating acoustic. The effective and electric harmonised vocals almost put you in a daze, this one is definitely one of my favourites.

Listen to the 3 tracks below




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