Slumberjack’s ‘Fracture’ EP: Review

Photo: We Own The Night NYC

Slumberjack’s new ‘Fracture EP’ is guaranteed to generate enough EDM megawatts to power a city block.

So for those who don’t know Slumberjack combines the talents of Morgan Then and Fletcher Ehlers who first met through a local DJ comp and since then have been crafting their future bass and dubstep sound.

The boys both grew up in their hometown, Perth and since gaining momentum in 2014 have released a number of singles, a self-titled EP and are signed to Diplo’s record label, Mad Decent.

Preferring to work independently and then choosing to closely collaborate in the later production stages, the duo told Mad Decent “both of us believe that you need to spend time alone in the studio to really discover what you’re going for”.

Released only a couple of weeks ago, the ‘Fracture EP’ features 5 tracks which includes alluring vocals from Aussie talents Sydnee Carter, KLP and Vera Blue.

Beginning with ‘Afraid, Unafraid’ features Sydnee Carter’s vocals which vary throughout but somehow balance the track with a natural, sweeter tone alongside the rather encompassing bass line and high-pitch chords.

‘Paralyse’ opens with these rather raw yet atmospheric strings, which screams Slumberjack!! The refreshing synths with the high-pitched female vocals has this chilled yet uptempo feel almost reminding you that something big is coming. Then, the sudden descending drop is very Slumberjack but also has this new, authenticity about it that just grabs you. Personally, I enjoyed the bright yet subtle synth effects alongside the vocals in the second verse although a simple affect they definitely contributed to the whole feel of the song.

Probably the banger of the track, ‘Take Me’ featuring KLP has it all. Personally, the sound at the start almost sounds like a distorted trumpet. Moreso at the start, the track builds to KLP’s vocals chiming ‘take me’ in the background making you sit there in anticipation for the drop. Around two minutes in, the song briefly mellows allowing KLP’s alluring vocals to take the lead to which the bass finally builds into another banger of a drop to close the song off on a high.

‘Cradle to Grave’ (Interlude) begins with a mysterious violin and percussion which transitions into a flute solo (yes! the famous flute getting the recognition it deserves haha). Then the bass creeps in and everything picks up accordingly complete with heavily synthed chords alongside  an interweaving violin. Personally, I feel like this is the type of song you could almost see in a battle scene of a movie.

Then it all concludes with the beautiful yet softer vocals of Vera Blue on the earlier released track ‘Fracture’.

Although there are only a smaller selection of tracks I feel that this EP has everything it needs, complete with new sounds but still maintaining that signature ‘Slumberjack-feel’.

Listen to Slumberjack’s ‘Fracture’ EP below.

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