Cashmere Cat’s ‘9’ EP: a short review

9 ep
Photo: Genius

The Norwegian producer, formally known as Cashmere Cat known for his rather eccentric and flamboyant production has finally dropped his debut album ‘9’.

The album consists of a slew of sleek A-List talent including The Weeknd, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and MØ, to name a few.

Kicking off with the track ‘Night Night’ featuring Kehlani, just has that familiar Cashmere Cat sound. With its domineering strings and effective plucking creates a beautiful atmospheric soundscape, this fused with ghospel background vocals further adds this natural element to a rather techno-fuelled album. Kehlani’s vocals are simple yet warped to the thudding bassline.

‘Europa Pools’ featuring Kacy Hill has this very unique, futuristic sound. Kacy’s delicate, dreamy vocals bring this calmness into the chaotic electronic fuelled instrumental which is dominated by varied sparkling synth effects.

‘9 (After Coachella)’ featuring MO & Sophie is one of the baaannggeerrsss!! You can definitely feel the Sophie influence, particularly in the build-up to the chorus and even within the chorus. The noteworthy bold bass just fuels the fire of the song even more. Now, the drop is just an ultimate head-banger and as the song progresses each build-up gets more intense, drawing you in even more. MO’s authentic vocals perfectly fuse, building each verse nicely. Take a look at the music video here.

‘Quit’ featuring Arian Grande is probably the track you’ve already heard blasting on the radio. Upon first listening, Ariana’s voice sounds a lot deeper and more mature and once again her vocals just shine. The instrumentals feature chimes and cute percussion, in other words ‘very Ariana’.

Probably one of my favourites, ‘Infinite Stripes’ featuring Ty Dolla Sign’s is definitely a GROOVE. It’s essentially a shining, slow jam descending with warm synth textures and effective clicks. This is probably one of Ty Dolla Sign’s most emotional vocal performances as he details about a past relationship and hinting at his slight jealousy of a new relationship.

‘Victoria’s Veil’ is the only track entirely dedicated to Cashmere’s talents with no vocal accompaniments. Overall the track has a very tropical vibe to it complete with atmospheric percussion and a zippy synth. Even the humble piano makes an appearance, adding nicely to the happy vibe of the track. 

Not to forget, the album also features popular pre-released tracks ‘Trust Nobody’ featuring Selena Gomez and ‘Love Incredible’ featuring Camila Cabello. 

Overall this album very much echoes and further builds on that familiar ‘Cashmere Cat sound’ we have heard in his previous tracks like ‘Adore’ which also features Ariana Grande. Although at times I felt as if the sound was a little bit repetitive, each song had its own little quirks however, which did add some sweet variation here and there.

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