Billie Eilish’s ‘don’t smile at me’: A review

Photo: broadwayworld

At only 15 years old, LA musician Billie Eilish is already making sound waves around the world with her debut EP ‘don’t smile at me’.

Born into a family of musicians and actors you could say Eilish has decided to follow her family’s creative path but in turn adding her own flair and style.

Her latest work ‘dont smile at me’ is full of a collection of songs complete with distinctive minimalist bedroom production (which includes production by her brother in the track ‘ocean eyes’) and Eilish’s melancholy, easygoing vocals.

‘Copycat’ flows with this sultry electronic production stirring in the background merged with Eilish’s soothing, woozy yet angelic vocals.

One of my favourite tracks, ‘Idontwannabeyouanymore’ radiates with a simple piano, guitar and drum. Eilish’s soothing vocals and relatable lyrics easily make you want to keep this song on repeat. Notably, her harmonious rhyming vocal style in some parts of the song fits well with the instrumental.

‘my boy’ is however probably my least favourite. This track has more of an electronic feel with it’s dark, electrifying keyboard. However it is more upbeat than the previous tracks and Eilish’s delicate vocals mingle well with the rather heavy instrumental.

‘watch’ is very atmospheric brought upon by a heavy but duller bass. Eilish’s vocals just continue to build harmoniously into the song With the bold synth instrumentals I feel like this is a track you could play in a club or something.

‘party favor’ opens with an awesome ukelele (if I am right?!) which makes me so happy tbh. The lyrics have this air of maturity and are almost quite abrupt, speaking of something I feel that a lot of people will relate to, particularly those who have been through messy relationships . But somethingabout Eilish’s vocals inject this strange innocence into the song which is rather thought-provoking.

‘bellyache’ is my other favourite. It gives off this country vibe with the steady-paced, simple acoustic guitar. The progression of the song is quite magical, beginning with a majestic pan-flute within the chorus like a refreshing breath of wind. Then Eilish’s rolling, angelic vocals enter as she fittingly sings ‘lose my mind’. The instrumentals continue to grow in intensity with an atmospheric synth adding some extra zest into this ‘daydreamy’ track.

‘ocean eyes’ is just as calm as the ocean with its subtle instrumentals and steady drum beat. Eilish’s varying vocal range is highlighted here fused with some rather melancholy lyrics. Definitely a track you could blast in your car on the way home to clear your head of any stress.

The album concludes with ‘hostage’, a rather haunting instrumental combined with the warmth of Eilish’s vocals leaves you wanting more. The alluring yet subtle string instrumental in the background is just… divine (if only it was a little louder). The combined and more dominant acoustic guitar gives way nicely. There is variation throughout with a notable heavy synth grinding its way into the natural acoustics.

Watch out as Billie is heading to Australia on her first trip down under for the iconic St Jerome’s Laneway Festival – click here for more information.


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