George Maple ‘Lover’: A Review

Photo credit: Groovin’ the Moo

With a mammoth 22 songs, ‘Lover ‘ is Australian musician George Maple’s latest album which she describes as “a series of intimate events” containing fragments and fractures of her soul (wow, that was deep…).

Considering the album is a little lengthy, I have chosen some of the main tracks I reckon you should check out right now, so here it goes.

Opening with a 55 second introductory interlude titled, ‘To Be a Lover’ sets the tone for the whole album. Beginning with an atmospheric yet chaotic noise of chatter and ghostly synth accompanied with people describing their personal interpretations of love.

Then along comes these rushed almost panicked footsteps, perhaps Maple’s, in search for answers, you can feel them getting closer and closer and then silence.

For Maple, this opener and basically the whole album, is in essence about capturing the beauty in our primal obsession with Love. Exploring all aspects, the messy love, the destructive love and that crazy dopamine effect that sends our heads and hearts into a flutter.

“Love and obsession can turn the most sane person into a psychological mess…. It’s a magnetism that drives you completely insane,” she says.

‘Sticks and Horses’ featuring GoldLink is definitely one of the stand-outs.

A track inspired by her time in the US and her exposure to the new “intriguing and seductive” world of rap and strip clubs.

It’s a tale of revenge, sex, money and power, discovering that we all have this trait within us, is it human or animalistic?

The heavy bassline and drum beat is almost a recreated more experimental version of a mainstream heavy rap beat but more Maple’s style, hence the more experimental version I previously mentioned.

GoldLink’s and Maple’s vocals almost fuse into one voice, just adding this mysterious, sultry and seductive texture to the song.

Then, GoldLink’s verse almost switches the song into something completely different, which just adds a whole other dimension to the song and taking it to that next level.

‘Romancandy’ has this profound resonating drum beat, allowing the track to move rather smoothly from the previous track.

Maple’s gentle voice against the rather bold, dark beat and fast claps is satisfying to the ear.

Although the beat is quite repetitive at times, Maple’s warped vocals towards the end almost sound instrumental further building the variation and dimensions of the song.

‘Pain’, is also one of my favourites as it really showcases Maple’s vocal range right from the get go. The accompanying violins and bass has this almost 70’s vibe fused with the delicate piano harping in every now and again like fairy dust. This song is one that just takes you away with its hypnotic vocal melodies and mesmerising instrumentals.

Already a well-known tune, ‘Buried’ featuring What So Not and Rome Fortune is definitely the banger of the record.

You can definitely hear Chris Emerson’s (What So Not) influence over the instrumental, this track is very much his signature sound.

According to Maple’s Instagram, this song is about the notion that nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes and sometimes we end up losing the person we use to be or want to be and in the process treat others unkindly and often wake up, thinking how the hell did this happen.

The track just has this magnetising sound, with Maple’s echoeing vocals which make her sound as if she is drowning, which fits well with the accompanying video co-directed by Leticia Dare and Andrew O’Toole.

Also, fun fact, the pool Maple, Emerson and Rome were swimming in, in the music video was actually the pool Emerson and her used to race in for school swimming carnivals.

‘Lover’ is electrifying yet gentle.

The deep pounding drum in the background has this almost primal nature to it that I think Maple purposefully did to help capture the beauty in our often primal-type obsessions we can have with love.

The accompanying video is also very passionate, really capturing and reinforcing the vigour and lustful vibe of the song.

Wow, so when I first heard ‘Hero’ it instantly reminded me of the 80’s, with the euphoric synth and bass, then Maples re-assuring angelic vocals repeating ‘in your arms baby’, this radiating sound is just nostalgic.

For Maple, this was one of the most personal songs on the record.

“It is an anthem to remind myself that it is ok to be vulnerable,” she said.

“To be able to sit in the dark with someone when they’re suffering is a very special skill.

“To just ‘be’ with someone, rather than trying to fix it or letting your own insecurities overpower the importance of the love you share – that’s real heroism.”

Finally, ‘Like I Used To’ is one of the more low-key tracks of the record. With its distorted instrumental and pertinent broken bass makes for a resonating tune.

Maple’s raspy filtered vocals are really refreshing, definitely a new sound from her and just screams confidence. Then combined with her non-filtered vocals fits really pleasantly and just adds some creative variation.

Although this appears to be a shorter track, at the same time I feel this is the reason why it makes it so impactful.

Maple tells this song is follows the final threads of a broken relationship.

“This is me, just me, no bells and whistles, no instrumental, just my little heart and voice connecting and doing its thing.”

From listening to the album in its entirety, it’s definitely clear that Maple isn’t afraid to try new things and experiment. Although the album is a little lengthy it’s far from boring, instead its both somewhat educational but also just damn groovy.

George Maple will be touring across Australia early next year.

Don’t miss out, get your tickets NOW here.

Tour Dates:

  • Friday 16th February – The Triffid, Brisbane
  • Wednesday 21st February – 170 Russell, Melbourne
  • Thursday 22nd February – Metro Theatre, Sydney
  • Friday 23rd February – The Gov, Adelaide
  • Saturday 24th February – Villa, Perth




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