Who Am I Listening To: 808INK

Photo: The Jazz Cafe Camden

You probably don’t want to sleep on this UK hip hop duo, 808ink as they are most likely to blow up over the next few months.

This London-based power charged duo consists of producer 808Charmer and rapper Mumblez Black Ink.

Describing themselves as an alternative music duo originating from London, seeking to pave their own way in moulding Britain’s soundscape.

808Charmer started his career as a live drummer for M.I.A and Tinie Tempah, and then later connected with Mumblez when he heard him rapping in a music video.

The pair made music in a garage and shot the majority of their video’s independently in South East London.

Their sound has a gamut of killer hooks, flows and textures and they have been compared to the likes of OutKast which speaks volumes.

Ultimately, they are forging and developing a refreshing sound from the rest of today’s prominent UK rap scene.

Must have songs on your Ipod:


‘Suede Jaw’


‘Jeep Cherokee’

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