New What So Not album in the works


Aussie producer, What So Not (real name, Chris Emerson) former record producer with Flume is about to drop his sizzling debut album ‘Not All Beautiful Things’.

Already known for some A-list bangers and remixes like ‘High You Are’, ‘Gemini’ and ‘Divide and Conquer’ to name a limited few.

The album is set to drop March 9 and features a healthy range of collaborations with Skrillex, Slumberjack, Toto and San Holo, to name a very few.

Emerson gave fans a taste of what to expect by releasing one of the tracks from the new album, ‘Stuck In Orbit’ featuring vocals from Sydney musician, BUOY.

Apparently the tune was birthed during a jam session with Jono Ma from Jagwar Ma, and later expanded to a whole new level when BUOY was added into the mix.

“The vocals began as a sketch of ad-libs from BUOY with only two words, drawn out across the verse, ‘I ov-er comp-en-sate’,” Emerson told Music Feeds.

“That set the entire tone for the entire piece; each word delivered with much thought and consideration.”

Take a peek at the full track list below:

  1. What So Not & SLUMBERJACK – Warlord
  2.  What So Not – Be Ok Again(feat. Daniel Johns)
  3.  What So Not – Beautiful (feat. Winona Oak)
  4. What So Not – Stuck In Orbit(feat. BUOY)
  5. What So Not & James Earl – Demons (feat. Rome Fortune & Tommy Swisher)
  6. What So Not & Skrillex – Goh (feat. KLP)
  7. What So Not & Toto – We Keep On Running
  8. What So Not & San Holo – If You Only Knew (feat. Daniel Johns)
  9. What So Not – Monsters (feat. Michael Christmas & tobi lou)
  10. What So Not & Dyro – Bottom End
  11. What So Not – Same Mistakes (feat. Daniel Johns)
  12. What So Not – Us (feat. Daniels)

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