Rejjie Snow’s ‘Dear Annie’: a short review

Discovered by US music mastermind Pharrell Williams at a gig in Dublin, Alexander Anyaegbundm (Rejjie Snow) is one name you don’t want to sleep on this year.

Just released, ‘Dear Annie’ is Snow’s debut album and has already been described by NME Magazine as “one of the defining hip hop releases of 2018”, which is a pretty decent title to have a few months into 2018.

Filled with lush, fruitful and fulfilling sounds which possess an almost lo-fi feel, complete with a nourishing 22 tracks, the album delves into Snow’s own pilgrimage through life and the lessons acquired.

So here is a collection of my personal favourites, and in no particular order.

’23’ features some soothing vocals from Caroline Smith combined with a steady progressive percussion fused with the occasional vocal or electronic effect, then there’s an effective acoustic breakdown near the middle of the song which adds some colour. Definitely a song to crank up on the stereo!

‘Pink Lemonade’ is my personal favourite, it’s just as pleasant as watching clouds floating in a pink sunset sky. Just the charming eccentric sound of the title, ‘Pink Lemonade’ alongside the swirling bells and playful synth blends well with Snow’s lusty voice creating this flirtatious soundscape, reminding me a lot of a Taylor the Creator-type sound.

‘Room 27’ is quite hypnotic with Snow’s repetitive ‘ah ha ha ha’ in the beginning alongside a resonating bell chiming in. A very playful tune but if you listen more closely, this rather childish tune expresses a more depressed, darker side of love, “all alone at 27” hums in and out of the sweet almost sickly bells which end up ending the song in a dizzying mess (but in a good way that is).

‘Desole’ is that classic, dreamy love tune you can just imagine being played at some cute little Parisian store whilst it’s snowing outside. The delightful yet simple keyboard arrangement and high-pitch flute, which showcases a bit of Irish-influence, and gives you that magic feeling when you first fall in love.

‘Egyptian Luvr’ featuring Amine and Dana Williams is a little more up-tempo and one of the more groovier tunes from the album. The beat of the track is actually quite simple and repetitive but addictive and just makes you want to get up and dance.

The accompanying music video is also a rather simple concept, but despite its rather old school vibe, the video fuses the old with the new which is quite thought-provoking amongst Snow’s sweet vocals humming, “the past, the past, the past, the past, leave it in the past.”


You can purchase ‘Dear Annie’ on Itunes here.


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