Sarah Blasko’s ‘Depth Of Field: a tale of unapologetic introspection

Photo: ABC

She’s a well-known household Aussie musician known for her immediate, clear and resolute song writing.

Since beginnings of her solo career back in April 2002, Sarah Blasko has gone on to become a widely and successfully acquainted musician proven by her numerous music awards, including a string of prestigious ARIA awards.

It’s been a fair amount of time since Blasko’s catchy tune ‘We Won’t Run’ set ablaze to our radio stereos.

Now, Blasko has sculpted a new soundscape, ‘Depth Of Field’ diving into introspection and issues of heartbreak, betrayal, growth and resolve.

As her sixth studio album, Blasko wrote and recorded all ten songs during a two-week period whilst being an artist in residence at Campbell Town Arts Centre, located in the outreaches of Sydney.

‘Phantom’ possesses this perplexing sound curated by the swaggering pulse and intense strings provided by the talent of Nick Wales paired with a rhythm section of synth and piano curated by Donny Benet and Laurence Pike.

‘Everybody Wants To Sin’ really stood out to me after listening to the entirety of the album. Definitely possessing a wilder, intrepid sound fused with Blasko’s unapologetic lyrics just seeping into your soul. Blasko exposes her raw emotions and simply gets to the very core of a broken relationship filled with lies and deceit, as she sings “I won’t give up, I won’t give in, just coz everybody wants to sin”.

My personal favourite is ‘Another’ with its slow yet refreshing instrumental and lyrics. The simple, aesthetic piano chord progression gives you that same feeling you get when you feel the warm sunshine hit your face as it peeks through your window in the early morning. Possessing the sound of a euphoric 80’s synth embedded with Blasko’s golden nostalgic voice instantly teleports you back in time.

The dark, stirring piano of ‘Read My Mind’ lingers in your mind. Beginning with a sharp build of strings alongside a suspenseful yet pleasant chord progression leaves you wanting more. Then the song transforms with a steady drum beat which maintains throughout interwoven with Blasko’s evocative vocals.

Then, ‘Lead Me Back’ rather aptly concludes this soul-baring collection of songs, bringing things full circle with an almost sombre, sobering sound.

Buy ‘Depth Of Field’ on iTunes here.

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