Women of Music Production Perth: breaking stereotypes

Photo:  WOMPP

In the heavily male-dominated music production community, two Australian females are breaking the mould.

Elise Reitz and Rosie Taylor, Feels duo and co-founders of Women of Music Production Perth (WOMPP), the first WA female-run label, booking agency and Ableton user group community.

WOMPP gives the opportunity for female, transgender and non-binary music makers to share, discuss and showcase music production within the broader Australian music community.

Reitze said that one of the biggest unseen problems for female producers is their self-confidence.

“Many extremely experienced and knowledgeable female producers often seem to lack the self-confidence that their male counterparts seem to have,

“Women are doubting themselves because they haven’t been encouraged not to and we believe with more communities like WOMPP, this will improve and change younger female’s outlook on themselves” Reitze said.

Opening the record label with a bang.

‘They Need Us’ featuring Stella Donnelly is the duo’s first track to be released under the WOMPP label.

“We feel the message for the track is a powerful vanguard for the establishment of WOMPP as an all-female run and signed label” Reitze said.

Working alongside the talented Stella Donnelly on a warm Sunday afternoon in February.

Donnelly injected some fearless flavour into the meaningful track.

“Stella was definitely the right voice for this track and we are stoked to have worked with an artist that so strongly represents the message.

“She came into the studio with the chorus idea and it totally blew us away,” Reitze said.

Reitze and Taylor hope by releasing such an empowering song will further encourage women and non-binary musicians to share their experiences in the music industry and not be afraid to speak up.

“We hope the message can empower younger generations of female, trans and non-binary music makers to be determined, passionate and fierce whilst showing the people that say these ludicrous things are wrong” Reitze said.

To get involved or simply find out more about WOMPP click here.

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