Kendrick Lamar ‘DAMN’ Tour Perth: A Review

Photo: Getty Images

From start to finish, it was all about the visuals and the music, proving that Kendrick Lamar is a true performer, continuously pushing the boundaries to entertain and captivate his audience.

After a bit of a lengthy wait, S.i.R set the night off with hits, including ‘D’Evil’s’, ‘Something Foreign’ and ‘All In My Head’. Accompanied by his music videos as an effective backdrop, really set the scene the mood for the high-impact night to come.

Just after 9pm, Kendrick took to the stage with ‘DNA’ accompanied by a rapturous applause and amusing cartoon visuals, creating a picture-perfect scene.

Transitioning seamlessly into ‘Element’, ‘Buzzin’ and then, ‘King Kunta’ instantly brought most of the stadium to its feet. Lamar performed an energetic spectrum of songs from his noteworthy catalogue of memorable, timeless hits, including ‘Goosebumps’, ‘Collard Greens’, ‘Swimming Pools’, M.A.A.D City’ and ‘Backseat Freestyle‘, to name a few.

The most unforgettable moment of the show was when Lamar unexpectedly appeared on a smaller, more intimate stage in the middle of the packed mosh. Rising above a compact yet mesmerising sparkling box, he performed ‘LUST’ and then took things quite literally to another level with, ‘Money Trees’ which was received by a rather jovial crowd.

Disappearing back to the main stage to continue the rest of the show as ‘nobody’s praying for me’ hovered through the speakers … however the show was far from over.

In true Kung-Fu Kenny style, the show continued with a number of captivating, action-packed sword wielding ninjas performing mind-blowing acrobatics, adding that instant ‘wow’ factor. Another visionary masterpiece of the evening was when Lamar balanced on top of another martial arts master, as they both hypnotically levitated above the stage for ‘PRIDE’.

Rounding out the night with ‘HUMBLE’ had the crowd in full-flight, basically singing the song for him in the end, which meant that Lamar had no other choice but to perform it again.

‘HUMBLE’ dulled, the lights dimmed and Lamar vanished from the stage. Only to re-appear to properly close his first Australian show with the laid-back, refreshing vibes of ‘GOD’.

Before retreating for the final time, Lamar reassured all his Perth fans that he ain’t leaving anytime soon, shouting “I’LL.BE.BACK”.




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