Odette’s ‘To A Stranger’: a reinventation of pop

odette copy
Photo:  The West Australian

Odette’s confessional debut album ‘To A Stranger’ gives us a glimpse into the future of pop music.

Released just this month, the album interjects elements of soul, jazz and pop fused with Odette’s spoken poetry and singing confessing tales of vulnerability and strength.

Born into a musical family, Odette was introduced to the piano at a young age by her talented jazz pianist father and grandfather, she has been playing ever since.

It was only a matter of time before Odette was going to take the music world by storm, already having caught the eye of Charlie Hugall (Florence and the Machine, Ed Sheeran, Kaiser Chiefs) to LA-based, Grammy nominated producer Damian Taylor (Bjork, The Prodigy, The Killers).

After listening to all eleven tracks on her captivating debut album, there are a particular few that just stick in your mind.

With its rolling piano melody, ‘Watch Me Read You’ puts a spin on pop music, Odette opens with some beautiful spoken poetry which seamlessly interweaves with her singing. This varied vocal effect throughout paints vivid pictures in the listener’s head, allowing Odette’s masterful poeticism to really stand-out.

‘Come Close’ has a more electronica vibe with an airy synth penetrating throughout the song. The synth almost reminds you of the ‘all-encompassing’ sound of the ocean, which is rather fitting when Odette sings at the start of the track, “meet me by the water’s edge”.

Keeping the piano close, ‘Fractured Glass’ has a beautiful simple resonating piano alongside Odette’s poetic vocals eases your ear nicely into the song. As the track progresses and the piano gently hums along, the song builds with a snappy percussion, including some subtle background squeaks elusively imitating the ‘fractured glass’.

‘Lotus Eaters’ perpetuates the magic of Odette’s signature part-spoken/part-sung music. This song in particular was the first ‘spoken-word’ song Odette ever wrote, which was inspired by the weeds she saw growing along a path. The start of the song perfectly articulates her mature poetic mindfulness, “the plants grew along the road like an unquenchable wildfire”. In essence, not just in this song but throughout the album, Odette’s spoken poetry when fused with the simplicity of her singing creates an impactful, meaningful soundscape.

Already predominantly well-known, ‘Take It To The Heart’ is that ultimate up-tempo ‘dance-along’ track and is definitely one of my favourite tracks. The catchy simple claps, percussion and piano alongside Odette’s layered vocal melodies creates a rather vigorous  vibe, particularly when she sings “I got nothing but power, I’ll strike you like lightning”.

Purchase ‘To A Stranger’ here.




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