The Internet’s ‘Hive Mind’: a summer daydream

Photo:  Consequence of Sound

The Internet’s ‘Hive Mind’ will instantly have you day-dreaming about summer from the moment you press play.

‘Hive Mind’ is The Internet’s fifth studio album following the critically-acclaimed ‘Ego Death’ in 2015.

The album was mostly written, produced and performed in different parts of the world during tours and press runs, as each member was pursuing their own solo endeavours.

Still maintaining their unforgettably smooth R&B and neo-soul sound, the album hints at a more funkier, ‘summery’ vibe, hence its summer release.

Easing you in smoothly, ‘Come Together’ articulates the current state of the band with its soul-hitting bass guitar contrasted with the chilled acoustic strum chugging the song forward. Steve Lacy’s vocals alongside Syd’s create this echoing, dreamy sound scape, instantly radiating those classic summer vibes.

Arguably one of the more memorable tracks from the album, ‘Roll (Burbank Funk)’ builds with its simple percussive claps, chains and drum beat. The percussion almost reminds you of a ‘re-worked’ Justin Timberlake’s ‘Rock Your Body’. Lacy’s vocals interjected with Syd’s adds this chilled vibrancy that just oozes ‘coolness’.

Keeping with the summer vibes, ‘Come Over’ has Syd written all over it. Her flirty, soft vocals soothingly compliment the lo-fi, ‘beauty’ guitar making this intimate, lusty song feel like it was made just for you.

‘It Gets Better (With Time) (Ft. Big Rube)’ is steady but all ’round refreshing. Big Rube’s wise words poeticise nicely between Syd’s tumbling gentle yet re-assuring vocals, “I just hope that you know, it gets better with time”. The simple electric guitar echoing throughout pleasantly gels with the lyrical intention of the song, comforting your soul like a satisfying yoga session.

Continuing on from the preceding track, ‘Look What U Started’ is fully-charged with a psychedelic electric bass guitar, instantly radiating some Tame Impala vibes, particularly emphasised with the subtle yet persistent synth in the background. Admirably, Syd’s voice appears more in-control, certain and bolder suggesting her growth and maturity over the years as a singer and musician. However, the song’s variant and up-tempo sound, is what really makes you want to press replay.

‘Hold On’ culminates the album with some magical 80’s fuelled keyboard vibes combined with bells, chimes and a very simple yet addictive bass synth. Syd’s dreamy vocals beautifully perpetuate the aesthetic psychedelic soundscape of the record. However, her lyrical composition, detailing her longing for love, lust and intimacy, although pleasant to listen to, at times lacks variance.

Overall, ‘Hive Mind’ is that album you would listen to when your chilling out by the pool or beach in the late afternoon watching the sun go down or during a yoga session. So, if you want those instant laid-back, relaxed vibes this might be the album for you.

To get your hands on a copy of ‘Hive Mind’ click here.

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