Nina Las Vegas’ ‘Lucky Girl’ EP: A Review

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Nina Las Vegas’ ‘Lucky Girl’ EP brings motherhood and girl power to the front of Aussie dance music.

Nina Elizabeth Agzarian, better known by her stage name Nina Las Vegas is an Aussie radio host, DJ and music producer.

At just 33 years old, she’s produced a stellar collection of memorable hits including the likes of ‘Freeze’ (2017) and ‘Don’t Send’ featuring Swick (2014).

Las Vegas has forged an impressive career from hosting Mix Up Exclusives on Triple J, to playing countless club shows and even curating her own showcase tour, NLV Presents – proving that no challenge is too hard for this chick.

Short and sweet, ‘Lucky Girl’ is just another snapshot of Nina Las Vegas’ evolving soundscape.

Rather fittingly, ‘Lucky Girl’ featuring Swick is the first eclectic heartfelt track off the album. The track is dedicated to the unconditional loving bond between mothers and their daughters. The track was influenced by her friends transitioning into motherhood, “it’s a dedication to my girlfriends being amazing new mums to their new little girls” she said.

With its chittering robotic beeps and bops fused to a bold hard-hitting piano and Las Vegas’ sweetly-tuned vocals singing out, “you don’t know how lucky you are”, radiates the unconditional love and warmth of motherhood.

‘I Know How It Goes’ features Vera Blue and Ecca Vandal. A much deeper, richer bass sound alongside rather pleasantly chiming xylophone and bells makes this track irresistable. Las Vegas’ talent in moulding snippets of Vera Blue and Ecca Vandal’s vocals and warping them alongside the coolness of the synth is what takes the song to a new level. If you listen carefully halfway into the track, Ecca’s rap subtly blended into the electronica is impressive as she pumps out lyric after lyric seamlessly.

‘Zagazig’ is defined by its euphoric atmospheric sound hinted through the refreshing bells that gradually breathe life into the song. Then, your ears are hit with pumping percussion and childish, computerised layered beat. Overall, despite the track’s electronic complexity it still keeps its serene yet invigorating composure.

‘Thursdays’ features Ninajirachi brings a very modern oriental vibe, instantly taking you to the bustling and glowing streets of China Town. The re-energized flute moulded into a more galvanising up-tempo beat showcases Las Vegas’ impressive talent in creating unpredictable yet captivating soundscapes. Ninajirachi’s vocals are cleverly interjected in small doses sculpted into the soundscape by Las Vegas’ electronic magic.

Get your hands on a copy of Nina Las Vegas’, ‘Lucky Girl’ EP here.

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