‘I Used To Know Her: The Prelude EP’: REVIEW

billboard her
Photo:  Billboard

Authenticating her signature sound, H.E.R is back with a new EP full of lessons, making you want to listen to every lyric of every song in detail to take away each golden nugget. 

Entering the music scene a couple of years ago, at only 21 years of age Gabriella ‘Gabi’ Wilson is being compared as being the Lauryn Hill 2.0.

Having released two extended plays in 2016, ‘H.E.R Vol. 1′ & ‘H.E.R Vol. 2’, she has firmly planted her seed as a game-changer and ‘one-to-watch’ in the music industry.

Living by a more anonymous persona, she prefers to let her warming, feminine vocals and addictive contemporary RnB ballads speak for itself which has arguably contributed to her deserved yet fast-paced success.

Beginning the EP with ‘Lost Souls (featuring DJ Scratch)’ paying homage to legendary R&B singer Lauryn Hill , “I wanted to be Lauryn Hill and touch the women and be empowering,” she told Genius.

With its old-school gospel vibes, Wilson is unafraid to speak her mind when it comes to the ego-fuelled world of today, as she soothingly sings, “confusion’ celebrity with your integrity,” and “a lost soul can’t lead the people, uh”.

A fervently soulful sound, ‘ Against Me’ just sticks with its deep bass and precisely magical triangle clinks. Wilson’s backing vocals pirouette around the simple yet hard-hitting instrumentals, moulding the track into a telling soundscape.

‘Could’ve Been (featuring Bryson Tiller)’ is the fourth track and marks her first collaboration with R&B singer, Bryson Tiller. Denoting their singing and songwriting abilities by vocalising about the possibilities for a relationship between two hopeless romantics.

Wilson’s soothing vocals roll nicely with the instrumentals and sound even better when alongside Tiller’s sultry vocals melting towards the end. Tiller’s subtle yet spine-chilling vibrato’s injected every now and then, really send the song into the clouds.

The up-tempo nature of ‘Feel A Way’ is one of those tracks you can pump loudly in your car, so get the AUX ready. With its cookin’ beat, Wilson’s alluring voice rolls smoothly over the dense R&B instrumental.

‘As I Am’ is the final track of Wilson’s prelude and turns towards a more joyful and loving theme as opposed to the fierceness of her previous tracks. Wilson seeks reassurance that her lover will stay with her forever, accepting the way she is, as she sings,”you’d be a fool not to take me as I am”.  Radiating everything R&B, with a jazzy piano, synth and catchy clicks pulsing the song along like beautiful sun rays on a summer day.

Go grab a copy of ‘I Used To Know Her: The Prelude EP’ here.







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