Sabrina Claudio ‘No Rain, No Flowers’: a short review

noctics mag
Photo:  Noctics Magazine

The quintessential meditative album designed to drain out today’s crazy, chaotic world.

It was late 2016, when American singer-songwriter Sabrina Claudio began uploading her tunes to SoundCloud. It wasn’t long before she released her debut extended play, ‘Confidently Lost’ in March 2017.

Later that year, she also released a full length digital mixtape, ‘About Time’ which further cemented her gripping sensual vocals and artistry onto the global stage.

Claudio’s latest third project, ‘No Rain, No Flowers’ was released on August 15, 2018 and delves into some of her deepest vulnerabilities. Here is just a small insight into some of my favourite tracks from the album:

Preluding on a rather meditative state, ‘Come Here’ resonates with its gentle floating piano melody and acoustic plucks. Claudio’s calming hums and vocals instantly set the scene, as she daydreams of her lover. Ticking along with a relatively simple beat, Claudio’s sultry velvet vocals sweetly trickle over the progressive beat and bass guitar putting your body, mind and soul at ease.

With its old-school vinyl crackle at the start eases you nicely into, ‘Naked’. The aesthetic acoustics with Claudio’s angelic, resonating vocals soothingly express her comfort in being naked and at one with her body, mind and spirit. A more profound yet eloquent beat kicks in, moving the tempo forward as Claudio passionately sings, ‘undress my fears, leave me nude’. Claudio’s voice is mesmerisingly smooth like glistening water in the morning sunshine.

The polished descending piano melody and vivid synth of ‘Cycle’ paints the picture of the song’s essence. Progressively blooming, as the subdued warped trumpets emphasise the chorus. The electric guitar solo around three minutes in, rather adds another level to the rather amicable monotony of the original instrumental.

‘Creation’ possesses a more raw, metallic ‘garage-type’ drum beat with an occasional snare which oozes instant ‘coolness’. The warped electric guitar in the background provides a kaleidoscopic sound as Claudio’s gentle vocals fit perfectly into the rather trippy soundscape, bringing you back to reality.

A very ethereal opening, ‘Did We Lose Our Minds’ pulsates with its dark synth which moulds a meditative palette for Claudio’s appealing vocal harmonies. Something about her voice combined with the generous synth creates this perfect balance. Despite the instrumentals appearing relative simple to the ear, proves that sometimes in a world full of chaos, simplicity is often always best.

Purchase Sabrina Claudio’s ‘No Rain, No Flowers’ here.





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