Tkay Maida ‘Last Year Was Weird (Vol 1)’: An experimental coming-of-age

tkay happy mag
Photo:  Happy Mag

Bouncing onto the Australian hip-hop, electronic music scene in 2014 with her debut EP ‘Switch Tape’, Tkay Maidza is back with a more mature sound.

Last Year Was Weird (Vol.1)’ is Tkay’s latest ‘coming-of-age’ creation possessing a more distinctively refined catalogue of songs which synthesise elements of electronica, modern hip-hop and reggae.

Pumping out those prodigious reggae vibes, ‘Big Things’ features Tkay’s dad on the groovy bass guitar. The impending reggae influence and lo-fi acoustics woven throughout the song radiates those instant sunny summery vibes. Staying true to her more original electronica sounds, a noticeable synth ticks the song along into a more contemporary yet experimental sound. Once again, this track sets the record straight that despite her youth, Tkay know’s who she is and isn’t afraid to experiment with new sounds and styles of music.

‘Flexin’ featuring Duckwrth just radiates stamina. Hosting a familiar jungle-like, childish electronic/hip-hop sound which makes you want to contagiously groove along. The resonating xylophonic bops opening the track, instantly warn listeners this ain’t a track for the faint-hearted. Tkay is back on the scene with a big exclamation mark… flexin’ her way through the unbrazen sound and simply transcending confidence over the bold almost intimidating instrumental.

With ‘Pure Imagination’ by Gene Wilder being sampled in the background ‘Lullabies’, takes you on a daydream back to your childhood. Whilst ‘Growing Up’ jolts you back into reality. Tkay spits some of her realest and most relatable lyrics on this track. As she repeats, “love growing up, hate getting older, hate getting older, love growing up”. The song continues with its simple instrumental whilst Tkay repetitively questions the inescapable and conflicting reality of growing up.

‘White Rose’ is one of my favourites and expresses a different side to the bouncy, self-assured Tkay we’re commonly used to hearing. This is much more of a heartbreak track as Tkay sings, “you’re just a white rose when the sun is out”. Her vocals appear to have a more raspier, edgy tone alongside a simple kicking beat. The disjointed yet mesmerising keyboard section pulses into your soul, reminding you of that pleasant sound you commonly hear whilst waiting in an elevator. More noteworthy, is the clever inclusion of a scanner interjected into the soundscape adding to the overall atmospherics of the track. This is definitely a more mature and slower yet refreshing sound from Tkay.

‘Say It‘ resonates this aura of ‘hopefulness’ with its organ keyboard driving the instrumental as Tkay sings, “I keep it going never going”. Something about this track almost makes you feel like you’re in church, it’s almost like this refreshing sound is symbolic for the birth of Tkay’s more reinvigorated sound.

Go grab yourself a copy of Tkay’s latest bundle of joy by clicking here.

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