Thundamentals ‘I Love Songs’: A Review


Summer has come early, the Thundamentals  has us riding one killer wave with their latest ‘I Love Songs’ album.

An Australian hip-hop trip originating out of Sydney, combining the talents of Brendan Tuckerman (Tuka), Morgan Jones (Orgs) and Jesse Ferris (Jeswon).

Already well cemented in the Australian hip-hop scene, the lads have already released an admirable collection of four full-length albums and two EP’s.

‘I Love Songs’ is the trio’s fifth studio album and the title couldn’t have been anymore fitting, as the album converses the current era of love and technology.

Featuring a concoction of twelve mighty tunes combining elements of hip-hop, house and Caribbean musical vibes, there really is something for everyone!

‘All I See Is Music’ is that musical and mental therapy we all have been waiting for, as the magical instrumental echoes over Tuka hypnotically singing, ‘music makes the pain go away”. The trippy vocals build deeper into the overall sound, which slowly moves into a more bountiful reggae infused vibe towards the end.

An instant radio track, ‘I Miss You’ has that ultimate feel good aura. The up-tempo claps and lo-fi acoustics radiates youth and summer vibes, giving off those familiar ‘Thundamental’ vibes. The lyrics however tell a more down-to-earth story, making us question where we are right now in this tech-obsessed world, “I see it in the pictures that you post about your lifestyle, tell me ’bout your lifestyle, but is that real life though”.

‘Eyes On Me’ instantly has this Caribbean, reggae fuelled percussion with interjecting vocal effects which sound almost like a dream, like swirling clouds in the sky. The xylophonic bells at the beginning intertwine a more flirty, tropical vibe which is balanced by the bold, rich piano chords maturing the entire body of the song.

‘Shot the Breeze’ is something you could listen to all day during summer. Progressing from a simple opening keyboard to a more bountiful bass fused with some claps and clicks injecting a more raw, unpolished beauty into the track. The high-pitch squeaking vocals are unforgettably effective alongside the instrumental. With its mystical glittering chimes moving across your headphones, ‘Royal Flush’ transitions rather smoothly from ‘Shoot the Breeze’.

‘Everybody But You’ predominately stands-out on the album with its bass guitar, clinking bells and alluring, lustful yet raspy vocals. In all its glory, the bass guitar really takes the front seat over the magical percussion, creating a hard-hitting yet seductive almost masochistic soundscape.

Another stand-out for me is, ‘Payroll’ for its instantaneous anthemic nature, particularly emphasised through its lyrics, “whole squad on the payroll, whole squad on the payroll”. It’s celebratory nature is defined by its up-tempo nature and heavy beat. But instantly bringing you back to reality, “f*** the paper chase, man I stay awake”.

Go get your copy of ‘I Love Songs’ right here now.

Don’t forget these tour dates and go check them out live, buy tickets here.

10th November – MELBOURNE, THE FORUM

16th November – CANBERRA, SPILT MILK

23rd November – BRISBANE, THE TIVOLI

30th November – HOBART, THE GOODS SHED

1st December – SYDNEY, ENMORE THEATRE all ages

7th December – ADELAIDE, HQ all ages



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