Tips to protect yourself from gropers at festivals


Just last month a woman was allegedly sexually assaulted in a mosh pit at Melbourne’s Listen Out festival, more needs to be done.

Police were told the woman was in the mosh pit when an unknown male grabbed her by the waist, pulled her towards him and placed his hands inside her clothing.

In 2017, an 18 year old woman was also allegedly assaulted at the Sydney leg of Listen Out.

And who can forget last years Falls Festival, where an 18 year old woman was groped in the mosh pit during the Tassie leg of Falls.

Festivals are serious fun and something we wait for all winter. But amongst all the fun and excitement is a more serious problem, the growing intensity of mosh pit assaults.

It can be so easy to enjoy the moment, listening to your favourite musicians in the sunshine, simply forgetting what may be unfolding right in front of you.

So, before you jump into this summer’s music festival season just take these tips into consideration to make sure ‘you’ are your number one priority.

  1. Don’t go alone and go with someone you trust. Be selective about who you go with, not in a nasty way but just make sure you can trust this person to make sure you both get to and from the venue in one piece.
  2. Prepare before you go! That means hydrate, eat well, get a good nights sleep and bring some spare cash for food and drinks.
  3. Know the crucial areas, like where the emergency exits are located, toilets, first aid, security, food and free water stations.
  4. Switch your phone to airplane mode to save battery (but make sure you check your messages every now and again!)
  5. Keep your money and goodies in a pocket such that’s close to you and in your laser vision.
  6. Watch your drink! Keep an eye out for fishy behaviour, make sure you keep all your beverages in sealed water bottles and don’t leave them alone.
  7. If you see something, say something! Hint, even if you want to remain anonymous just let security know.
  8. Finally, just by simply ‘checking-in’ at the venue will provide the ability for you to be tracked later if something happens or you get lost.

More action must be done in eradicating this type of behaviour from all music events, festivals and gigs to make sure everybody who attends is safe.

And remember if this article is a little close to home, remember  it’s never too late to talk.

Lifeline 13 11 14

beyondblue 1300 22 4636

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