Theo The Label: more than fashion

Esther Kirwan is the sole owner of Theo The Label, a fashion label making a positive change in the often environmentally-brutal fashion industry. 

Starting as Jacob & Esau Clothing in 2014 while Esther was completing her fashion design course at university. Then in 2016, Jacob & Esau became Theo the Label.

Theo is about creating social impact and empowering clothing makers in developing countries, by working one-on-one with their workers.

“We provide on-going support for them and benefits around family life.

“Encouraging skill development are huge opportunities in top of earning a living wage and working in a safe environment,” he said.

As one of the very few clothing brands breaking away from the traditional fast-fashion production lines profiting off cheap labour.

For many third-world clothing workers, a typical work day involves spending hours on machines, every day, away from their families for less than a dollar an hour.

According to the GreenHub, a top corporate CEO earns as much each year as 10,000 garment workers earn in Bangladesh.

“We try to solve these problems and give a much greater quality of life by ups killing and empowering workers to work for themselves,” she said.

For Esther, tracing each and every garment back to each respective maker is incredibly important.

“As human’s, its easy to forget that we are much more than our job title and the tags are a reminder of that.

“We want to value people in their entirety,” she said.

But for Esther, fashion is more than spitting out garments so fast that every second person on the train looks the same.

“I think of fashion as an art form, something thats practised or performed with a true desire to push the boundaries, to explore elements and resolve limitations creatively and with true inspiration,” she said.

Over the years, she has come to realise that every single act counts.

“Every straw refused, every organic t-shirt purchased and every public transport trip contributes to the change you wish to see in the world,” she said.

Although there is still a long way to go when it comes to ethical fashion, Theo is paving the way towards a more fresh-faced ethical fashion industry.

Go check out all there is to know about Theo the Label here.



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