J.I.D ‘DiCaprio 2’: a review

Get your headphones ready, J.I.D just dropped one of the most fierce album’s of the year, ‘DiCaprio 2’.

‘DiCaprio 2’ is the second studio album by American rapper, J.I.D following on from his debut album ‘The Never Story’ (2017).

J.I.D (aka. real name, Destin Route) described the recent album as “a clustef*** of different stories”.

The high-powered album is further brought to life with the likes of 6LACK, A$AP Ferg, BJ the Chicago, Ella Mai, J Cole, Joey Badass and Method Man.

Mac Miller was also one of the co-producers on the album, assisting with posting, producing and organising almost every song on the album.

‘Slick Talk’ cements the scene for the rest of the album perfectly. The track’s title, ‘Slick Talk’ really speaks for itself, as Route challenges his peers to prove him wrong on his rise to the top of the rap game.

‘Westbrook (feat. A$AP Ferg)’ is ultimately dedicated to Oklahoma City Thunder’s, Russell ‘Westbrook’ known for his loyalty to the team. Route and Ferg rap about their strong loyalty to family and friends during their emergence into the rap game.

‘Off Deez (feat. J Cole)’ is probably one of, if not the best track off the entire album. Produced by Chase the Money, Route’s flow over the turbo fuelled beat is seamlessly smooth and faultlessly compact right from the start. The track also gives reference to Cole’s memorable track, ‘GOMD’ from ‘Forest Hills Drive’.

There’s no time for chill as soon as ‘151 Rum’ blasts through your headphones. Route’s nimble, staccato-like rap has you instantly bumping along even if you’ve just heard the track for the first time.

‘Off da Zoinkys’ is the track you gotta jam out to in your car with the volume up loud. The tripping piano filled with a heavy hip hop beat which builds with anticipation to a climatic gospel-like unison. However, it’s Route’s unhesitant rap that really builds the anticipation of the track. Almost unheard of today, Route chooses to rap about the negative side of drugs and pledges not to take the ‘zoinkys’ and encouraging others to follow him.

‘Workin Out’ has this instant luxe sensation, making you feel like you just walked into a lavish resort. The rolling piano is almost constructed as a façade to the more solemn lyrics. As Route discusses his malaise with life despite his success, things ain’t really ‘workin out’ for him.

‘Tiiied (feat. 6LACK & Ella Mai)’ focuses on a woman who is claimed to be unreasonable in a relationship. However, Mai contradicts this claim stating the issue lies within the man’s own inner struggles.

‘Skrawberries (feat. BJ The Chicago Kid)’ was co-curated with Mac Miller. Route takes a moment to appreciate the important females in his life. Particularly rapping about his significant other and how they will always be there for each other, as he raps “yeah for life baby, I’m dressed for the war, baby girl I’m your soldier”.

‘Mounted Up’ has a relatively simple bouncing instrumental but Route dominates by utilising several flows, really demonstrating his flexible lyrical and artistic ability. The first verse of the track was also taken from part of Route’s Hot 97 Freestyle from April 2017, as seen below.


So what are you waiting for, go get on that new J.I.D album right here.

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