Thelma Plum ‘Not Angry Anymore’

Crank your speakers up, Thelma Plum (Gamilaraay) has just dropped her latest self-reflective track ‘Not Angry Anymore’.

Plum’s latest quirky cathartic track invests in a new kind of self-love embracing healing, forgiveness and understanding that is sure to put a smile on your dile.

Following on from her bubbly pop-fuelled 2018 single, ‘Clumsy Love’ which grasped number 79 on the 2018 Hottest 100, these two new singles are already making us eager for her upcoming album.

In contrast, this track follows Plum unflinchingly laying her vulnerabilities on the table, as she describes how we are all ultimately responsible for our own happiness.

The supplementing down-to-earth video created by Claudia Dallimore blooms to life with  its combination of raw home-made and vivid vision to compose a complimentary vivacious portrait of sound and film.

“She found the most beautiful old, dilapidated house that was planning on being demolished and we went wild in there creating our own little world for the weekend,” Plum told Music Feeds.

What are you waiting for, go jump on the track here.




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