In memory of Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld, a name just as quintessential as his unfading sleek ponytail and jet black signature sunnies.

Born in Hamburg, Germany in 1933 to a wealthy German businessman father and Swedish mother.

From an early age, Lagerfeld was passionately drawn to design and fashion, cutting pictures from fashion magazine and sculpting his own iconic style.

Moving to the fashion nucleus of Paris at 14. Lagerfeld submitted a series of sketches and fabrics into a design competition which he won alongside future life-long fashion friend, Yves Saint Laurent.

It wasn’t long before Lagerfeld began work as a full-time junior assistant to French designer, Pierre Balmain. Despite the role’s demanding nature, Lagerfeld remained for three years.

With increasing expert experience under his belt, Lagerfeld known for his ‘cutting-edge’ styles, began designing for Chloe, Fendi to name a few.

By the 1980s, Lagerfeld had firmly established himself as  a major worldwide fashion innovator.

Lagerfeld’s revival of Chanel was a major stand-out career moment, returning what was perceived to be “a near dead brand back to life with a revamped ready-to-wear fashion line.”

Lagerfeld sought to capture Chanel’s dazzling antiquity to life through film and imagery by shooting and directing all of Chanel’s advertising.

From owning a Paris bookstore, designing a glassware line to designing a 6-star, 290-room hotel last year proves his designs are timeless and malleable.

And who could forget Lagerfeld’s beloved cat, Choupette?

Adopted by Lagerfeld in 2011, Choupette is probably the most famous and spoilt cats in the world.

Lagerfeld told People magazine, “perhaps she helped me become a nicer person.

Because there is something very touching about her you see, even if she is spoiled beyond.”


Rest In Peace

Karl Otto Lagerfeldt

1933 – 2019


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