Kehlani’s ‘While We Wait’: A Review

Fed up with the games and moving onto better things, a refreshed and more mature, ‘While We Wait’ probably features some of Kehlani’s most honest music to date.

Ocean waves roll onto shore, ‘Footsteps’ (feat. Music Soulchild) opens with modest guitar strums with some soothingly interwoven vocal harmonies. Then, Kehlani sings, “patience could’ve done us well”. As time ticks away, the progressive up-tempo synth brings the lyrics to life as Kehlani’s voice trails, “when I walked away, I left footsteps in the mud so you could follow me”.

‘Too Deep’ is a whole attitude with its bouncy, hard-hitting bass as Kehlani sings over and over, ” but this shit gettin’ too deep… for me”. Delving into some painful relationship cracks, she sings, “I just wanna see the best for you, but this shit is gettin’ too deep”.

‘Nunya’ (feat. DOM KENNEDY) instantly sounds like a Kehlani song. RnB vibes are just written all over the track and fuelled by the ticking synth, bass and chimes. Kehlani adds a tonne of swagger singing, “ain’t nunya business, ain’t nunya business to know who I with”. With no regrets and just oozing confidence, Kehlani boldly sings, “you lost a girl, who got it all on her own”.

‘Morning Glory’ gradually opens up like a flower, growing from a groovy lo-fi sound to a more mature, well-defined drum kick bringing you back to reality. Quenching our thirst, Kehlani keeps it real, “I wanna take my wig off, I wanna lay it on a nice stand, I wanna take my makeup off”. Something about this track just takes you back and makes you want to crank it up in the morning, as Kehlani invites us to embrace our authentic self, flaws and all.

‘Feels’ instantly feels like you’re going back in time, which is quite ironic as Kehlani sings, “I ask myself is this shit real”. Regressing deeper and deeper, the mysterious synth makes you feel like you are underwater in the depths of the deep blue ocean. But soon Kehlani breathes life, “you give me feels” and the swirling synth makes you feel alive again, almost making you feel as if you have the butterflies.

‘Nights Like This’ (feat. Ty Dolla Sign) gives off some oriental vibes with its subtle pan flute looming over the darker synth. Instantly listening to the soundscape, you just know Ty Dolls Sign will excel on this track. Exposing the unreliability of love often present today, as Kehlani reflects on a love she can’t have, “took my feelings and just threw them out the window”.

‘RPG’ (feat. 6LACK) maintains the eery lo-fi piano which moulds to something more RnB  with the pulsating synth over the effortlessly flowing piano melody. 6LACK makes his mark, injecting a lulled richness over the beat. Unafraid to speak her mind, Kehlani sings, “show me ya love”, reiterating honesty is vital for any relationship.

‘Butterfly’ is known for its vintage nature perpetuated through the lo-fi acoustics, steady slaps and elusive vocals imitating a butterfly in a cocoon awaiting to be released. Suggestively, the ‘butterfly’ is a metaphor for Kehlani’s pregnancy, as she serenely sings, “butterfly you make me feel brand new”.

The tropical sensations of ‘Love Language’ wraps up the album with its magical percussive bells and chimes, creating a youthful soundscape. ‘Love Language’ just makes you smile as Kehlani reflects on motherhood and teaching her upcoming child the ways of the world. Her lyrics instantly radiate warmth, “I want to be fluent in your love language, I know I don’t speak your language, but I wanna know more baby”.

Simply put, Kehlani reflects on her journey of self-love, relationship-love and finally, how this has prepared her for the love that she will give her child. But ultimately, we take-away the fact that it’s a never-ending journey and we are always learning the complexities of love.

Go snatch yourself a copy of ‘While We Wait’ right here.






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