Q&A with the lads behind Bar Pop

Bursting into the Perth events scene six years ago, Bar Pop has since anchored themselves as Perth’s leading space activation specialists.

Bar Pop sure know how to put some pizzazz into Perth, delivering events such as Bar Pop  Urban Orchard, Bar Pop NYE, Perth Craft Beer Festival, Origin Fields, Banana Social and the iconic Ice Cream Factory Summer Festival.

The Ice Cream Factory Summer Festival is well-known for its impressive eight bars and eleven dance-floors taking the Perth CBD by storm over the past few years.

The Ice Cream Factory has also locked in some incredible talent over the years including The Presets, Hermitude, BROODS, and DJ Tigerlily, as well as branded activations from Corona, Pimm’s, and the West Winds Gin.

We sat down with the two hard-working lads behind Bar Pop, Aedan Buckley and Chris Bausor, to talk all things pop-up bars and events.

So, how did you get the idea for Bar Pop in the first place?

C: We took inspiration from a pop-up bar in Melbourne called Section 8. This bar sprung to life in a Melbourne laneway during the day to be serving hot dogs and long neck beers at night. We both immediately agreed that we needed to be doing this in Perth.

How did you start building Bar Pop into the success it is today?

C: We have tried, failed, tried and succeeded so many times you wouldn’t believe. The business that Bar Pop is today has pivoted multiple times and been through many iterations in order to land on our current suite of operations. The best way to describe it I’d say is trial and error.

Was it difficult to get the business into the popularity it has reached today?

A: All businesses are difficult. We’ve come up against some tricky legislative changes and operate a business in a fairly high-risk environment, but with the right team and a ‘steady-as-she-goes’ approach is the best way forward. We think we’ve done ok!

Why did you want to do Bar Pop?

C: The simplest description of what we do is ‘we create experiences’. We strive to achieve a better customer experience than what is currently available in every aspect of our business.

If you could sum it up, how successful has Bar Pop actually been since its inception?

C: We are still very much on the cusp of being a sustainable business, which is how I would define success. It takes a long time and is a very expensive process to invest in sustainability as a business. Staff, equipment, technology, growth all take time and money and come with inherent risk.

The key to our continued success is the constant analysis of customer experience. The second you start looking back at the competition is the moment you get overtaken.

Why is Bar Pop important for other Perth businesses, musicians and those within the entertainment industry?

A: Our events support and celebrate tonnes of artists from a range of backgrounds and we work hard to create really different experiences for everyone that comes to our festivals.

Mainly, we see a benefit in the ‘Micro-festival’ model, where the event runs over several dates, is inclusive of surrounding businesses and evolves with time.

What’s the future looking like for Bar Pop? Any surprises to come?

A: Not too many surprises, we’re honing our craft and aiming to perfect what we do. We don’t plan on adding new festivals and veering too far from our current offering – but we will make each one bigger and better!

Finally, how can people work for Bar Pop and be apart of it?

A: You can apply as general bar and event staff here. Also, keep an eye on our socials for news on when we’re hiring for operations and marketing positions.



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