‘Hi This Is Flume’ Mixtape: The Evolution of Flume

 ‘Hi This Is Flume’ is Flume’s latest mixtape focusing on reconstructing the musical algorithm and paving the way for future music.

Flume’s real name is Harley Edward Streten, or some might even call him Australia’s music wonder boy.

Living in Sydney’s Northern beach suburbs for most of his life, Streten was drawn to music at a very young age.  Then he found a free music production kit in a Nutrigrain cereal box, since then it’s just accelerated.

In 2011, Streten entered tracks, ‘Sleepless, ‘Over You’ and ‘Paper Thin’ into a competition run by Australian record label, Future Classic. He actually ended up winning the competition and a record deal with the label, to which he is still signed with.

From there, the ‘Flume’ guise evolved from one of Streten’s favourite Bon Iver tunes but was also chosen for its visual aesthetic and semblance.

With a secured record deal, Streten’s musical spark instantly came to fruition. It was 2011 when he dropped his debut self-titled album which received much hopeful, upbeat hype.

‘Skin’ dropped in 2016 which received a mixture of reviews with some claiming the record was a ‘water-downed’ Flume sound and was more commercialised to reach more fans.

Much to the dismay of critics, ‘Skin’ received a vast array of accolades from winning an ARIA for ‘Album of the Year’ (2016) to taking out a Grammy for ‘Best Dance/Electronic Album’ (2017).

‘Hi This Is Flume’ is Streten’s latest mixtape complete with 17 experimental tracks that progressively creep into new, alien territory.

This record showcases the remarkable progression of a truly independent, fearless artist who is unafraid to take risks and dive into unchartered musical and obscure visual territory.

Finding comfort in the unfamiliar, ‘This Is Flume’ really just epitomises his experimental evolution yet giving his audience a feeling of familiarity and comfort.

The track ‘Voices’ features Kučka and Sophie who gel together so seamlessly yet still maintain their own authenticity over the abrasive, left-field electronica.

Streten continues to push the boundaries when it comes to blurring the lines between hip hop and electronic sounds with tracks ‘High Beams’ (feat. slowthai) and ‘How To Build A Relationship’ (feat. JPEGMAFIA).

As seen in the ‘Skin’ legacy, which featured major hip-hop names like Vic Mensa, Vince Staples and Pusha T dominating their rhymes over Streten’s often sophisticated yet maximalist synth distortions.

In an often repetitive, hyper-saturated music industry, this album dives right into the deep end, which is exciting and refreshing at the same time.

But beneath all the glistening awards, endless tours and festival headlines, Streten will always be the mysterious music nerd, building the sounds of the future in his bedroom.

Go get your hands on a copy of ‘Hi This is Flume’ right here.

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