Ten Questions with Ten Pieces

“At Ten Pieces there are no seasons, only reasons.”

Unisex ultra-modern silhouettes, longline cuts and raw edges, this is Ten Pieces, the ‘forward-thinking’ fashion palette of Bondi-based designers Maurice Terzini and Lucy Finkerhuss.

Launched in 2011, Ten Pieces has been described as an ‘androgynous streetwear label’ taking inspiration from the Australian landscape and fashion within, by weaving the effortless, cool Australian lifestyle into its refined curated collections.

The Ten Pieces runway collection at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2019 was simple yet striking, located at the Icebergs Bondi Beach pool, which was drained revealing a runway of ‘rugged simplicity’.

Ten Pieces co-designer, stylist and creative director Lucy Finkerhuss sat down to deliver the ten elements that make up Ten Pieces.

How did Ten Pieces begin?

With just ten pieces.

Were you always into fashion from a young age – what were you interests growing up?

Yes, I was always into fashion. I grew up reading my mums magazines such as The Face, Italian Vogue and Interview mag so my idea of fashion was pretty alternative from a young age.

How would you describe the Ten Pieces customer?

There’s no ideal customer.  Our clothes are open to interpretation.

Why did you create Ten Pieces in the first place?

To facilitate Maurice’s need for a uniform.

Where do you get most of your inspiration from when coming up with your Resort 2020 collection?

Music, sub culture, personal style and art.

How was the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2019 experience?

 Energetic and fun.

What have been some of your biggest hurdles developing the label? Decision making. A lot has changed with the introduction of social media. There’s always the question of how far you invest yourself and brand. What the happy medium is before it breeches on excessive and interfering.

What’s been your most memorable moment so far for Ten Pieces?

 Lots of great moments. Definitely our first show in the pool was memorable.

Ten Pieces has been described as an ‘androgynous streetwear’ label – how would you describe Australia’s current streetwear climate and how do you see it evolving into the future?

It’s developing as the leading market in fashion. It’s accessible to everyone and there’s possibility to make reasonable margin on the product so I think it’s going to stay out as the leading market for a long while.

 What are your future plans for Ten Pieces?

Expansion with our web accounts and flagship stores.

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